Monday, March 06, 2006


I was just diggin thru my folders of images..and I can across these, they are from January, I had my camera for a month about... my son is proudly showing of his new two teefies.. Gotta love those 2 lower teefs! Most likey only an image that mommies hey! guess what..thats what I am!

I was playing with Back Button Focus on these...and I really liked how they turned out...I havent taken my camera off the BBF for a long time...maybe its time I try the good ole way again...Im so loving manual...its the only way to really REALLY learn your camera inside and far from there yet....but im on the right road at least! Off to try to scrap a few layouts today!


Blogger Amanda said...


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Blogger PD said...

I agree...xoxoxo

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