Wednesday, March 08, 2006

One more week of College classes

Im so sad...partly because its over..and partly because I really enjoyed getting out of my house for 4 hours once a week WITHOUT KIDS...that Im REALLY gonna miss. All in all its been well worth the money I paid for the course. I have signed up for the studio lighting courses he offers as well as the digital image editing courses. They dont start til May...:(.

SO what did we learn last night? Well it was all about visual design and how to think more creativley when searching for the Perfect Image...if that even exists! We talked about when go to to take your picture...set up take it..then also take the same pics from a few different angles, and also turn around 360 degrees..and really look at everything else around case your missing the real picture! Well Im off to play with the kids...and hopefully snap a few pics while Im at it!


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