Friday, March 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to JEANNE!

Just a quick note this AM...wanted to wish my long time momma buddie Jeanne a very happy birthday. I met her way back when we were both pg, sniff sniff..our babies are now both one. Jeanne is one of the kindest, most thoughtful women I know. Im so blessed that she is my friend. ( insert hug smilie here) She was the one who got me addicted to the digital scrappin...tsk tsk tsk..

Jeanne and I have a special bond...we have children the same age, she understands me, she loves my sarcastic humor ( i think), she is a goof just like me...enjoys the stupid things in life. She has a beautiful daughter whom I can't wait to meet one day soon. Our children will be best of friends I just know it! The only thing I iwsh for is that she was closer than the 2165.80 miles that she is... according to map quest a 34 hours, 35 minutes driving trip!

SO for any of you that Know her..please send her off a birthday wish!


Here's a Page I did of me at 3 years old. I'm hoping my MIL can sew up a similar dress, and I can put Rylee in it, and attempt the same picture. I used a super kit of Amanda Rockwell's called Family (available at Elemental Scraps).


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