Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy HUMP day!

Wanna see what I got last night? Its a neat little photo album that I am gonna use kind like a portfolio for the 1st while. Its all leather and super nice.Its neat b/c it has slots for landscape and Portrait oriented pictures.

It's originally designed for quick scrapbook LO's, but its screaming to me to use for my a Brag Book.
Its from Creative Memories and its called a Pic Folio. Its super neat and way more professional looking than a stupid lil pocket album. Still a far cry from a REAL Portfolio, but hey its a step in the right direction. The only down side is that it only accepts 4x6 photos, which more often than not don't command the attention that you want in a real portfolio. I'm so pumped, it holds 160 photos, so I guess I really need to start shooting more, and getting more printed also. I might have 40 to put in there.

Im sad, im done photography classes, but the instructor is offering 2 more classes, that he is trying to squeeze me into. One is an advanced studio lighting class, and the other is a studio lighting workshop, where you go in with your own model, he sets up his lights, and you shoot under his watchful eye!

Im so excited, Im doing ok with the lighting thing, Im really liking the pics I am getting with those Chinese Lanterns, i cant wait to get some more healthy kids to get taking some more pics. But while I am needing to learn the lighting, Im finding myself liking the unposed natural shots more and more each day. Nothing I hate more than a pic that you CAN TELL the smile is forced, or the pose is set up. To me it shows real lack of creativity, well maybe more lack of reality I guess. Photography is a form of visual communcation, and the forced, posed pics just dont communicate anything to me. I really try to avoid that at all times, I do set my kids up, with a few props..(lol like the fishbowl) but then I just shoot..I let them do what they wish! I totally enjoy the laughs and giggles we get, while Im taking their pictures. I dont think I could do it if they didnt enjoy it. Infact some days, Rylee will say, "hey mom, wanna take my pixture?".. now how could I resist that?


Blogger PD said...

ohhh I love it. Glad you did eventually get that album. It's so pretty. Congrats on finishing the course and I am sure you will be signed up for the next ones no problem.

10:21 AM  

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