Thursday, March 23, 2006

Its SNOWING AGAIN! Its supposed to be SPRING!

Man I am so ready for spring...And what does it do today? freakin snows more.. SSHEESH!
DH brought home our "new to us" motorhome I'm excited but not near as excited as Rylee is!.. She's a hoot!...

I have been busy the past few days, lots of scrappin stuff. No actual scrapping, but just the stuff!
Just wondering what you all thought of the little blog scavenger hunt? I thought it was a marvelous and fun idea! I guess we can measure our success by the fact that they had to upgrade the bandwidth on the site! Too many freebie hunters for the poor lil board! AH...But what a good lesson to learn!

I got to help host my very first crop over at ScraspsyDaisy on the 22nd! It was a lot of fun, Lori was giving away a really Sweet little kit for the Scrapsy Daisy's first birthday! I was a bit nervous about being on the other end of a crop! But it all went very well I think, there was consistently about 35-40 people there, with lots just grabbing the zip and the pw and then leaving! I haven't had a chance to talk to her to see how the evening crop went, but I'm sure it went just as well if not better!

Neiko is working out super good so far, I took him into my 'studio' the other day and got some pretty neat photos of him!. Man..dogs are way way easier than 2 year olds!

Still no foal! LOL 10 days and counting til her EDD. Stuck a little PG ticker over on my sidebar! She is starting to bag up, so that's a good sign, I can't wait! What if this baby is a black boy? LOL... It will be stallion material if it is!. My mare (Cynnder) is a decent reining horse. We won 2005 Canadian National Reserve Champion Amateur Reiner, 2005 Region 17 Champion Amateur Reiner, 2005 Region 17 Reserve Champion Open Reiner. Needless to say it was a crazy busy, but successful year last year! I couldn't have done any of it without my pit krew. I brought Rylee and Jackson to all my shows, and also had to bring my dad as a babysitter! Poor man...Stuck with a 2 year old horse crazy girl, and a 6 month baby boy! The stallion that I bred her to stopped showing when he was 4, so he doesn't have a ton of titles, but he did compete at Regionals and at Scottsdale, so we are very excited! Cant show you any pics..cuz that would be violating photographers copyrights! I will try to dig thru my photos to see if I have any decent ones!

boy I'm kinda muttering about nothing today! hmmn whatelse did I want to day.................................. RIGHT!...

ok..SO I was cleaning the house the other night, and I happened to be mopping the kitchen floor.. My dd Rylee comes in and says to me " Good job Mommy... Your in the kitchen right where Mommy belongs!" ROLFMAO!.....yup Dh got a smack for that one!...It was so funny! I often wonder what else he is teaching her!

And I have been on the quest to make the PERFECT loaf of bread (yeah little bit of a dumb goal in life)...and yesterday I did it!.. Finally... After tweaking, then scraping the bread machine clean several times, I think I finally have altered my recipe just right!...It stays moist, and the crust doesn't get really hard either! If your interested let me know I will put up the recipe!


Blogger PD said...

lmfao...yeah a smackeroo for dh is right! Excellent pics of Neiko hun. Your opening title and that first pic of him is a hoot. He is gorgeous!

5:16 PM  
Blogger Shawna Blankenship said...

What a pretty dog!! LOL @ Rylee! She's hilarious! Sounds like something my DH would teach Colton! Great job on the bread...that's my weakness. No matter what I do I mess up bread! LOL

6:21 PM  
Anonymous pbrooks said...

I just love your dog pics!Thanks for sharing.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Digimedic said...

Neiko is adorable. Those big sad eyes just make you want to HUG him!
Actually, the reason I'm poking around is that I was wondering if there was any news of a foal yet. Guess not. Kiley and I are anxiously awaiting . . .

Is the fairy blog angel about to become the fairy foal facilitator?

10:12 PM  

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