Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Self Portrait day !

OK..so its time I get some pics of me and my children. Here they are..my first go with using the timer. All these were done with the chinese Lanterns again.


Blogger Shawna Blankenship said...

Deanna those are great!! I love them all! You look AWESOME!! Little Rylee looks like a kick in the pants! She's so cute!

10:05 PM  
Blogger Tanya Ellis said...

Wow Deanna!! Those are SOOO good girl!!! LOVE them! I so wish you lived close to me.

6:15 AM  
Blogger PD said...

I hear ya Tanya..lol

Awesome pictures hun. LOVE them. Those chinese lanterns make such a difference. Wicked turn out!

8:29 AM  
Blogger Sherri said...

I love them...what great pictures!! They really capture the moment!!

9:55 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

Really great job on these photos!

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have such a great eye... always love checking out what new photos you've posted. Question about the "chinese lanterns"... do you mean those big, round paper shades that hang by the cord? What watt lightbulb do you use?

Thanks for sharing!


8:44 AM  
Anonymous Claudia said...

Those pictures are great - I have none of me of the kids either - its tough for them to hold still lol. TSMFS!!!!

12:37 PM  

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