Tuesday, April 11, 2006

JUst a quickie today!

Only one LO from late last night... I was feeling all lovey dovey when I made this one!(credits to Rebecca Gold and her Sealed with a kiss Kit, available at ES).

On a side note...I forgot to mention to you that Joedee at ES gave out sweet little GIFT CERTIFICATES at her crop on Saturday night..And not little cheap ones either..$5 worth! I asked her if that was gonna occur regularily and she said..."you never know"
.. So be sure to stop in for some of the fun crops going on at ES!

Hey...what do you think of my new little comment thingy? I snagged it late last night..I thought it was kinda neat...we will see if it gets used..if not..its gone..Vamoouse..LOL.

Off to get some groceries, take the kids to the park, snap some photos hopefully and then grab Rylee and Easter Dress..phew..full day.. CRAP..I gotta mail my taxes too! sheesh...

toodles! be sure to try out my new comment thingy... over in the sidear!


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