Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunday Scrappin!

Well I'm trying my butt off to show you some pics, but once again..Blogger wont upload any. Just about worth paying for a blog service I think... ( LOL.. NOT) But that will have to wait until a later date, much later date...way way more things I need to spend money on first! Like another CF card, I'n not sure If I should get on off of ebay or just go to Costco and grab one, have do to some price checking..if eBay is half price I may try it, but I dunno, Costco can be pretty cheap!
I got 3 Lo's done yesterday, all from my CT team responsibilities at ES, I'm an running a Photography Challenge there this month, that will hopefully help stir some creative juices. The idea came from ILP, its an ABC photo challenge..This weeks challenge is the letters ABC.
On April 15th, I will be posting an AD Inspiration Challenge at ScrapsyDaisy, got my inspirational picked out I just need to scan it in, and get it all ready! I love ad inspirations..They are my favorite!

ok now I can upload the LO's the first one is of pic that I took of DS last fall, it was with my old p&S with a broken LCD, so I had no ability to change anything, other than the amount of zoom, I had always liked photography, but for some reason when I saw this pic, I knew that I had to pursue this love a bit more! (credits to Amanda Rockwell's All boy kit, available at both Digital Freebies, and Elemental Scraps)

#2 is a LO of my first photo shoot with my Nassau blue seamless paper! My Ry looks like she was having a HOOT here! and she WAS! somedays, its more of a struggle to grab her personality, then I usually just stop, but this day she was FULL OF It! (credits to Faith True's kit Sugar Coated Gumdrops, available at Elemental Scraps) And thanx to Val at TDC, this LO has been getting a fair bit of attention over there, much to my surprise and my delight!!

#3 is a LO of my DD and our first Snowman! She loved this guy! We had so much fun building him, many of you have seen the rest of the images from this day, and when I got Rebecca's Snowstorm kit, in my CT list for this month, I knew that I had to scrap them!(credits to Rebecca Gold's Snowstorm kit, available at Elemental Scraps)

Well Im off for the day, hoping to pack up the kids and go snoop around for some locations for the 4 member family shoot today, its just gently overcast...perfect for pics I think!

oh yeah..had a super time on Friday all drunk and silly, really drunk and really silly actually, but MAN was it nice to have the motorhome own bed, no worries about who's gonna stay sober to drive home...LOVED IT..missed the kids of course, for like a millisecond..then was back to the whiskey and coke! LOL..bad momma!


Blogger PD said...

awesome job..TFS. Bad mama..NOT!
So glad you had a ball, first of many more fun nights in that motorhome! Umm whiskey & coke!
( smacking my lips)

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Jeanne said...

Hey Chickie,

I've been dying to hear of the weekends events all day. Where have you been??!! Your layouts look great. I hope you found a good spot for your shoot. Hopefully we'll catch up tomorrow. : )


9:25 PM  
Blogger Jeremi said...

So cute, nice job! So how's Cynnder doing?

9:27 PM  
Blogger Margie said...

WOW!! I LOVE your layouts!! They are so fun and colorful!!!

11:46 PM  

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