Friday, April 07, 2006


yippee! its finally Friday...
got quite a bit to do today to get ready for the night out! Its rainy and yucky here.

No big update on Cynnder yet, still pg, still baggin up more...
Can you imagine being pg for 11 months 11 days? thats the average gestation for a horse..YUCK!.
so 11 months 11 days from her 1st breeding date will put her due tomorrow, and the last breeding date will put her due on the 13th( Thursday) I cant wait.. I was laying in bed tryin to think how I could put my webcam in her stall...LOL... dont have a lap I do think I can do it ( sorry Kiley)
Im really hoping she doesnt try to foal tonight when we are gone! We got the MIL and FIL coming over to look after the kids and my horse respectively! LOL.

Got my first pair of contacts yesterday! I have astigmatism in both eyes, so no fancy colored ones for me yet..What a weird thing to stick something on your eye!...Sheesh! So far I'm really liking them!

havent been scrappin a whole lot the past few days, Elemental scraps went to an FTP type of thing for us CT members, and it took them a bit to get the kits up in our folders! Thanx to the hard work of Marisa and Jo for getting some in there finally last night..I was suffering from withdrawls!

OH YEAH!!! Tuesday was 15% off grocery day, total bill before reduction $453.76 after discounts and then % reduction.... $320.17 CAN YOU SAY COOL!!!!!!! I was so proud to save over 100 bucks on groceries! yipee!!!!

My DH is the sweetest, he was at Excess Cargo last night (discount store that has overstock items for CHEAP) and called and asked if I wanted a tripod!..I said sure! he came home with a half decent tripod with a 3 way tilt head on it...for get this $20! its not anything super sturdy or anything, but it rocks cuz now I can do portrait or landscape images on my tripod! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!

Lots of stuff today, My 5 in 1 reflector should be here soon, Probably next week! I cant wait!
OHHHHH more!..LOL I just finished my taxes looks like I sohuld be getting about 3000 back, so I am gonna save 2000, and spend the other 1000 onnnnnnnnnn..........

Im so excited! DH actually said...why dont you spend some on your photography?
SO of course I jumped on that baby... I'm planning on buying 2 of the beginner bee packages, but I wuold like to have them replace one of the umbrellas with a softbox, instead. Looks like my total including shipping should be just over 1000 CDN!...Im scared to death, but also really excited...My girls....ah my girls at Snap Happy Mama's....they RAWK!...I have intentions of trying to attempy some photography on the professional level say like in a year or so, and I am scared to put such an investment when Im not sure if I am going to the be good enough, but they were able to shake my head a bit, ( TREVA! LOL) and demand that I purchase the bees, see that way it gives me a year of practiing with them BEFORE I think about opening business. Im so glad that I met the ladies there...They offer me TONS of support and even more Inspiration! If your interested in photography and want to learn, while not being intimiadted at places like ILP I highly recommend following my link over there in the sidebar! you wont regret it!


Blogger shizzknits said...

You'll love the Bees. I have a Bee setup and it's a great value for the $$.

11:46 AM  
Blogger PD said...

First off congrats on the contacts. Have fun this weekend and hopefully Cynnder will be fine too!
My dad and I were just talking about these last night too! Freaky..Dean is so sweet. Huggers to you man! LOL

Have FUN! Miss you this weekend..

11:57 AM  
Blogger Talena said...

Congratulations! Have fun! And I know you'll do great, you already do great.

5:51 AM  
Blogger Digimedic said...

We thank you for thinking of us with the webcam! Kiley went for a little ride today and had a blast. I'll upload the photos tomorrow. Tell Cynnder we're holding our collective breaths!!! Congrats on the contacts and the photo jobs! Yeah! You're big time now baby!

10:38 PM  

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