Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hump DAY!!!!!

Well time to update some again...
new? Whets new....hmmn..not a heck of a lot...took a few pics of J with the lights again..He really seems to absorb that darn blue seamless paper...must be aware of that.
In this one he wee foot is still a bit blue...I will have to go back and select it and warm that baby up!. He was so funny while I was taking these...Climbing on and off, and on and off...Grunting and moaning the whole time.
I *think* im getting the hang of the lights some, I don't get nearly as many over exposed ones when I first start...I know what Im gonna ask for for Christmas already... A Sektonic light meter...

Gotta do some more work on my Logo...I love love love the watermark, but I have had a few people mention to me that the font in the title, doesn't really jive with the really cursive and decorative logo, so I guess I need to re think that!

Getting all set up with Technicare today, got the software last night, and as soon as Im done here, I have to call to get the color management and my test prints all done! YEAH!!!!!!! im nervous but excited at the same time.

Family shoots... I am hoping to do the first one ( family of 4 ) some time this week..or early next. I need to check in the forecast and peek at the weather...hoping for a nice overcast day...probably wont happen..but hey I can hope right!

oh yeah! I got BAMBOOZLED...yup...
totally BAMBOOZLED.. A friend of ours is getting married July 1st. He takes his own photos of his kids and all b/c he is a bit on the stingy side to pay anyone to do it...Guess where this is leading too... LOL...Anyways we stopped over there for supper on Monday night...And they were telling us about wedding plans and such, and DH brought up a photographer..Well his friend pipes up. " Im gonna take them myself" LOL...Ok..Buddy..How on earth are you going to take your own wedding Photos?... Getting warmer now?... So the bride grabs me and begs me to bring my camera to the wedding to play second as the photographer..b/c he wont be able to get the walking down the aisle photos and stuff like that...~BAMBOOZLED~
They are getting married outside, so that's all great b/c I don't have anything but my in camera flash. And the way I see it..They are gonna be happy with any of them, b/c they at least will be photos with the DH in them! are you thinking sometimes?

yeah, so I gotta go peek around and get some wedding pose shots in my head now too, plus an extra battery, got 3GB of CF' cards...Which should be enough if I only use RAW in the tricky light situations...Heck maybe I will grab one more 2GB card from Costco next time Im in.

Got eliminated in round #3 of THE UDS contest...thats ok by me! LOL I made the top 100, which is pretty cool, beat out another 269 other scrappers to get that title! YOu should head over to and check out the final 40..this round they narrow it down to only 7! ack..goodluck to my scrappin pals that are still in it, Susan Toon, Angela my dorky pal!, Mandy and Michelle! If you got some time..pop in there and give them some luvin! GO LADIES GO!!!!!!!! hey wouldnt it be cool if all 4 of you made it to the last round...COOLIO!!!!!!

Got my new kits from ES to do yesterday, and made my 9 kits in total to play with and get soem LO's Im hoping that I can try to do one LO a day here for the next while...get all caught up again!

Here's a 2 pager I did with some photos I got Of Ry last week... oh yeah posted them already. (credits to Amanda Rockwell's Just like Candy kit, available at ES. Circle stitching by me, Sarah jones Oshkosh alpha, Gina Cabrera's stiched labels. Fonts are appenddix3, bulky refuse type, Diesel, 2 peas fairy princess) Dont bother clicking on amanda's link..she hasnt updated her blog in almost a month...) maybe a public flogging will get her back! LOL


Blogger Lauren Grier said...

wow what a long post hahaha.. I love those photos-- save the blue foot :( that's too bad, I hope you can warm it up enough to blend the skin tone.
I'm SURE your photos will come out fabulous at the wedding :D and kick that man in the butt lol .. its HIS wedding he shouldn;t be taking pics haha.
Manda's kit goes wonderfully with those photo's.. love it :D
ok I think this is MY longest reply ever.. lol but had to match your post.
much love deanna ;)

9:40 AM  
Blogger Deanna said...

ROFLMAO! case I havent told you rawk!

9:56 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

Thanks for the props, girlie!!! You rock the house!

1:07 PM  
Blogger PD said...

lol love your long posts..So sorry to hear about UDS..but as you say you came a long way baby and did awesome.
When you told me you got bamboozled earlier today I had no flippin clue what that meant..LMAO!!

HOLY COW!!! That is awesome hun. GL to ya and can't wait.

4:48 PM  
Blogger Rhonda said...

Your pics look great. I'm envious of the your bees!
And I still can't believe he thinks he can take his own wedding photos. As his bride I would shoot him. My dh is taking my sisters wedding photos this fall.
And congrats on making it so far in the digi-challenge.

8:03 PM  

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