Monday, June 05, 2006

bad blogger again

Sorry...just been really busy,
Zoo and the passport office on Friday
Farmer's Market, pool, mowed grass, seeded more grass, laid some more sod on Saturday
Sunday we mowed our backyard!!!!!! wohoooo!!!!!!!( for those of you who dont know I have had weeds for 6 years)...LOL! Then we went for a drive in a hunt for some new land to buy..looking for 160 acres...found one that we really like...but it has a pipeline right where we would want to build the house...DH's is gonna do some calling...see what he can find out...

Family shoot #1 got set back to this Thursday...gotta call Family #2...get a date for them, ASAP too, cuz I want to use these as practice a bit for the wedding on july 1st!..ACK!!!!

well phooey...J is up...and I cant get any images to load again...arg..just about making me want to move to typepad....LOL!


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