Thursday, January 25, 2007

OK we did it!

WE survived grocery shopping!!!!!!! mind you we had to get wya less that what was on my list..but we did it..Its been a crazy busy week and today is home day...Im hoping to get some more pics of T today, and if its nice out..we are gonna go build a snowman too!

The cleaning lady did wonders...There is some stuff that didnt get done like dusting all the rooms etc..but I realize that she has other houses to do in the afternoons, and that it might take her a month or two to get everything all cleaned..then set on a routine....i picked up some PineSol for her to use next week..cuz I was so excited to walk into a house that smelled clean..and it didnt..I didnt leave her any smelly cleaners..I just usually use vinegar and water for most stuff...but anyways. I will get her to wipe down my cupboards and that kind of thin with the pinesol...just so I can have that great smell!

Tomorrow T will be 3 weeks...can you belive it??? I CANT!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

well tomorrow is the day!

Im getting my birthday 9 am tomorrow...A cleaning LADY!!!!!! she is going to come 3 x a month...and I cant wait...floors, bathrooms, dusting and the kitchen...YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!

while she is doing that...Im gonna be off at Gymnastics with all 3 kids..then we are gonna attempt...*ATTEMPT* is the key go GROCERY SHOPPING!...not sure how much Im gonna be able to get...unless I can grab the cool cart that the kids can sit in and drive..other wise J will have to be in the cart, with T on the seat area in his seat...phew..Im tired already...have a good week!
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