Saturday, August 05, 2006

Meet baby Emma

I have like 65 proofs to show them..and to be honest...I knew that a few were gonna turn out the way they did, but I had a bad feeling about alot of them also...I was TRULY AMAZED when I looked at their album last night...I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now, I hope this doesnt sound corny...This is so far my best work least I'm going in the right direction!
I have like 25 favorites... so I might just post like 5 or 6 today, then post some more over the next few days.

Shooting a newborn...its hard, its time consuming, but its fun...and Im addicted to it..This took just over 4 hours, from arrival to departure, which was plenty long enough..lil miss Emma didnt really want to sleep much for me, so we kept just waiting..LMAO...

I learned to bring more pillows to stuff inside my trunk...she is tucked too far in there to see very much of her :(. I have a bit more of a shopping list to get before I do an on location shoot again...Dang backdrop stand was supposed to be there Thursday Am , so I could use it for this..but It wasn't, so well heck we made DO...

Friday, August 04, 2006

Lauren's got a new kit!

and Its WONDEFUL...not that her kits arent always ! LMAO..anyways its available soon at the sweet shoppe. Here is a preview of it, and a quick LO I did this far this one happens to be one of my all time favorites...yippeee..gotta like when that happens! OK off to do more proofing...hee hee sorry to keep you all in suspense...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things I'm nervous about today

1…. I have my first newborn photo shoot at 10 AM
2. I hope the baby girl is happy
3. I hope the baby girl will sleep lots
4. I hope that I can get all the shots I want, while she is sleeping
5. I hope that I can pick up my new backdrop stand BEFORE the shoot!(oppsy)
6. I hope that the dad has big strong arms...I got a few super cool poses just for him and baby!
7. I hope that big sister wants her picture taken too
8. I hope that baby girl doesnt pee or worse on my backdrop or my props..( actually pee I wont mind)
9. I hope that momma and daddy both have black shirts they can wear.
10. I hope my kids keep sleeping for 30 more minutes so I can have a shower!
11. Im gonna shoot Raw + JPG today...I have 3GB of about 300 pics...I hope that will be enough!
12. I'm hoping that a sleeping newborn will be easier than chasing after a 3 year old for a photo shoot!
13. I'm hoping that the Mommy will be really happy with the photos I get of them today!

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

YIPPEE! Got some scrappin done last night!

OK here is a sneak preview of a SUPER fun new kit by Kristin CB..Its called Luscious Tropics...Isn't is just Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! It really made me want to head to Hawaii for a bit to get some pics just to use for it!...Sheesh I WISH! LMAO!.... Hey Leah..If you read this send me some k????

Anyways it will be available August 3rd or 4th at ACOT, so be sure to pick it up!...
She gave it to the CT team last night to have a lil play with it, and here are my two LO's I whipped up...This kit goes perfect with one of my favorite seamless paper backdrops...So Im gonna be using this one a few more times...For sure!

The first one is Rylee in my favorite new hat!.. I Love this thing...I have more close ups that I will scrap later.
(Credits Kristin CB's Luscious Tropics kit, available soon at ACOT, string by me, Lisa Whitney's Real Buttons, font is 2peas Melissa)

The second one is funny. Journalling reads "July 3rd, 2006. You were quiet, too quiet, I had to go check on you and this is what I found! Totally sweet and innocent!" (Credits to Kristin CB's Luscious Tropics kit, available soon at ACOT, Brushes by prettybrushes, and Fonts are 2peas BlockParty, and 2 Peas Melissa)

LMAO...I have become a 2peas Melissa addict...its close to my own handwriting so I find that Im using it ALOT!

side note...Stefanie would be proud of me again today... Its 9:30 am and I have already done one clean sweep...I'm feeling today to be a 2 sweep day! LMAO!...heaven forbid I get addicted to Clean Sweeps! LMAO! have a great Wednesday! Wont be able to update tomorrow til later..I have my first newborn shoot at 10 Am tomorrow! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!
I will let you know how it went when I get back! WIsh me LUCK!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

IM married to a PILOT!!!!!!!

hhee heee...he passed both exams...and I picked him up from the airport and he is home!!!!!!!! yipee...thank you all for the t&P's !!!!!!!!! now he has to just go thru some hoops to get his US certification changed over to Canadian...and he is good to go!>..who'da hubby a helicopter pilot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the measley update...Im on my way into town to buy some stuff for my first newborn Shoot on Thursday...!!!!!!!!!
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