Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lovin' it outside!

Finally we are having some nice weather...

dont blink tho...forecasting SNOW for Sunday night...Welcome to a blogger in Alberta! they joke about not blinking because Alberta weather changes so fast!

Cynnder and filly are doing super well! Poor lil thing is still nameless...nothing is just popping out at me as the "perfect name" so hence she is still called 'filly'.

Her hind legs have really strengthened up a ton in 1 day, looking at these pics I can't belive how much she was 'down' on her back she is standing up nice and upright, so it shows that she is getting stronger each day!

Been really busy scrappin, the ES team has really laid on the kits Im 10 Lo's behind! ACK...

And I entered the Ultimate Digi-Scrapper 2006 Challenge ! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting its starts May 1st Im so excited...tons of prizes, and tons of entrants, like over 350 I think was the final count..Basically its like survior, and they have a SWEET panel of judges, who will go through all the LO's and pick the ones that advance from round to thats gonna keep me busy too, plus the 2 family photoshoots, and once my income tax comes back, ordering the alien gonna be a busy lady the next while...

never a dull moment, last week, my dog got porcupine quills in his nose
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting that was tuesday.
Wednesday the Filly was born, today is Saturday and our well pump is going, I have had water on and off all day...and Dean is outta town camping..boy will he be glad to come home to a house with no water! can ya do?

Thursday, April 27, 2006


We have narrowed it down to these 6 names...unless the slew of visitors coming today has any others to for me out!..btw..Rylee's fav is Tyme to Shyne...I read her the list, and she says no to them all except Tyme to Shyne...she has done this like 8 times already!

A name for our Filly
Tymeless Beauty
Mydnight Reign
Knight Tyme Reign
Tyme to Shyne
Mydnight Cynnderella
Springtyme Emira
Free polls from

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

guess what?

About 6 Am this morning...FINALLY,
pretty sure its a black filly!!!!

gonna go wake up rylee and take her outside!

OK so I put her in the barn at midnight, like our usual routine, Jackson woke up around 3 AM, so after I fed him his bottle, I popped outside to check. Normal..totally normal, I could see the baby moving and kicking some, but Cynnder was not at all upset, or bothered by it.

I went in at 7 Am to let her out...and there was the baby! I missed it by only 30 - 60 minutes, She hadnt delivered the placenta yet, so i saw that finish off, then headed in to wake up Rylee..Well she leapt out of bed, and got dressed in like 3 minutes ( really fast for a 2 1/2 year old)

Needless to say...Its a positive on that, pretty sure on the stayed I will post a poll for the names in the next day or two.

She has eaten, and thats all fine...

I talked to my trainer and she wanted me to measure her...she is 38 inches at the wither...I think thats a good size! She's super sweet, and is drawn to Rylee and jackson...We have been out there about 50 times already this afternoon!...cant wait to get her outside and take some more photos! YIPPE!!!!!!!1

Monday, April 24, 2006

going crazy here

ok..gestation for a horse is usually 11 months 11 poor horse is now sitting at 11 months 23 days.. Called the vet, and they said to call back once she reaches the 1 year thats monday....Im not sure I can handle this stress much longer! SHEESH! for names...

this is the list

Tymeless Beauty
Mydnight Reign
Tyme of Knight
Knight Tyme Reign
Tyme to Shyne
Pryme Tyme
Set the Tyme
Tyme to Twyrl
Mydnight Cynnderella
Big Tyme Spender
Springtime Emira ( emira means princess in arabic)

likes? dislikes? I cant really narrow down any more til the foal arrives, cuz some are girl names, and some work better if the foal is until then I wait..
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