Wednesday, August 23, 2006

finally a few LO's!

been so dang busy with putting the finishing touches on my site, that I have been slacking on the scrappin' end of things..

as of this AM I was behind 8 Im only behind 6!...

This is my first Duncan Doughnut LO...the kit is called Lavendar Thistle...and its SOOOO classy... totally has a much more elegant feel to it!...I LOVE IT!, can't wait to get my hands (and some more time) on a few more kits of Paula's

This is Amanda Rockwell's Lucky kit..its an older one that has been sitting in my TO DO folder for a bit...when I saw this just called for this kit..It was also done for a sketch challenge at TDC..thanx to Rachael for a great sketch!

font is peas Melissa, and of course Jenn Star's AWESOME circular date stamps...I LOVE THESE!

oh sure to go quick and check out her blog she has a rocking logo contest that ends today...psst and wish her happy birthday too!!!!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

WHOHOOO! Happy MOnday!

ok got some great news...First off, im pumped about this weekend..I get to shoot the COOLEST family in the world...4 kids, and 2 parents...and they are all beautiful!

2nd...Im On a marketing roll! LMBO!

arent they great??? man they are so me...a fellow photographer buddy let me in on a great new designer...her name is Leah Riordan, she mostly does digi scrapping stuff, but her goal is to get into graphic design...anyways...she has decided to sell her custom designs! here is her new sampler

the best she RAWKS! and is CHEAP AND fast....we spent about 2 hours doing mine..I showed her a few I liked..and gave her the colors...and whammo..90 minutes of giggling with her on hello...bam..its done...I got the psd file as well as a I could tweak colors a bit if I needed to..she will spend whatever time she buddy took longer than me.. LOL! im so thrilled...It is so totally me!...

heres the best part.....$29.95!!!!!!!

here is her link I totally recommend her! if you contact her..tell her HI from Deanna!

SO while I was on a new logo high I made up some new templates for thank you cards, and brochures, Im just finishing off my business cards as we speak!
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