Friday, May 05, 2006

Our First fRyday!

So I went out today with Rylee, dropped Jackson off with grandpa, and we had a girls day, mommy got her nails done, Rylee got hers painted pink, Then we ate timmy's at the park, watched a few BIG LOUD TRAINS go by, sang some songs, cuddled some. Mommy bawled a bit because I am so proud of my little girl, she is well mannered, considerate and very very FUNNY! Hopped back into the Yukon and headed off to go location hunting for the family photos. The one family requested one spot, so we headed off there...Nice place, with several different setups available!

My first flower Photo! LOL no clue what it is...Just needed to take one since all the girls as SK are all into floral photos right now! See your all right...I guess spring is coming here too! LOL

The barn...I'm hoping to try some photo's of the family up in the loft, and me on the ground, as well as them on the ground and me in the loft...Trying for some different angles here, any other ideas?

the little lake that is surrounding most of this location...Tons of ducks, and even pelicans!

Rylee on the bridge....which is really cool! I should have no problem getting all of them on it, with some neat and funky photos, as lond as I can get the exposure right. It has a neat little ramp on either end, so Im thinking I could also get them to all sit one or two behind each other up the ramp. Any hints on FULL SUN shooting? it was hard today...thank goodness I shot in helped me recover several photos! These were all taken at about 3 PM, maybe I need to go back there again a bit later in the evening and see what the shade does... Totally begging for some full sun hints here! and Im such a DORK..I forgot all about the sunny F16 rule... I gotta go check on that some more...I *think* you set f16, then whatever your iso is , you match your ss like this...f16 Iso 400, then your ss would be 1/400.. I *think* Exif data on these...all iso 100 50 mm focal length
1/400 ss 4 3.2
1/800 ss f 3.2

1/2500 ss f3.5
1/2000 ss f 4.0
1/500 ss f7.1

Mommy had so much fun on the girls only day...I have set a new plan into action...Every second Friday is gonna be Ryday! Just me and her...Doing whatever, however, and wherever..No boys allowed..No daddies and no lil brothers..I truly miss the time I had to spend with Rylee alone...This will help to mend momma's soul!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Well I did it!

Ordered the Alien Bees, giant softbox and a new lens today!...I was shaking while on the phone with alienbee...LOL....

doofus I know... I got the lens for just about half price what I can buy it up here...Got if off of, then i am getting it shipped to a girlfriend in the US, who will then ship it up to me.. Im thinking it should be here about the same time as the bees...10 business days!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what do you think of the new logo? everyone who knows me..knows I am a bright green addict...EVERYONE...and I had this lovely inital made for my by a friend and figured it would work wonderful for a logo!...I still may have a bit of tweaking on the colors...the green maybe not so Brilliant..that kinda thing...but Im really diggin it! to get the rest of my blog all fancied up again!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

OK..tomorrow's goal

To change my banner...I forgot that I forgot to put the Capturing up there! LOL...duh..what good is a slogan for your dream someday business if you never use it! LOL... ah yes...and maybejump back to the watermark issue!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

ok..picked 2 photos...

secret... gonna scrap them both..see which turns out Better...thanx to JO for that idea!

Monday, May 01, 2006


OK ladies...round #1...I need to scrap my best photo..... Im thinking the sweetness one of Rylee first off...

May 1st! The ultimate Scrapper contest Begins!!!

Been busy with Spring, the new filly, ( yes still nameless) but here a few LO's I rattled off this weekend..Im so pumped about the Ultimate digi scrapper contest..the first chat is tonight, we get the details and our first challenge! No clue how they are gonna get 300 ladies all in the same room, really hoping they have TONS of bandwidth!

ok this LO...I took the photo quite a while back and its been sitting in my TO SCRAP folder... It took me about 2 hours to do, with all the journalling strips! (credits to Lauren Grier's Maia kit,available at ES, font is FG Tina, and I used AC's plastic action on the Title word, anc AC wild tear)

Next LO is one I have been fighting with for a while... My friends at W2W took some photo's of their kids eating oreo's so after seeing what their dear children did I HAD to do the same. This LO took FORVER... ensuring all the boxes were the same size, and making sure they were spaced evenly!... I think it turned out pretty good in the end! ( credits to Amanda Rockwell's Cars and Trucks kit, available at ES, and DF, font is Rockit and FG albin)

This LO..I had tons of fun doing! This is one of our FAVORITE coats of Rylee's! I am so sad that she has outgrown it (credits to Faith True's Bright Spring Kit, available at ES, DDE spring doodle collection, and fonts...SF happiness, shortcut, tuesday, turkey sandwich, tanergine, splended ornament, bombarier, and vinyl tile) phew...

This LO is just did this morning...(the credits go to Susan Godfrey's Camo Baby kit, available at ES). This kit has been sitting in my do to list for a while..I just couldnt figure out what photo's to make it work..then I saw this one, that I snapped last week when we took the kids down to the river for a picnic. I liked this photo in color and then thought I should try it in a brown toned black and white...well this is the result..this one is one of my fav's! The quote came from the quote garden...and as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect..its so so so true! Im so proud of my DH..b/c he is a father, and more importantly a great daddy!
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