Friday, June 23, 2006

yeah its friday!

following my blogging prompt from DSP today

What are the best 10 things you have accomplished since your LAST birthday that ended in a zero?

1. got married
2 had Rylee
3 had Jackson
4 got pg with #3
5 won Canadian National Reserve Champion Amatuer Reining horse
6. Became a more fufilled person.( my kids helped me with this)
7. found another true passion in Photography
8. learned to be happy with myself
9. grew up!
10. realized that kids are the center of my world, and thats life like it should be is now my ultimate goal...

ok off to finish packing the motorhome!

Danielle..its the family version of a quad....LOL... even the dogs come along..they ride in the back! its a HOOT!..that thing goes anywhere!!!!!!

thank you to everyone who left us a happy anniversary!!!!

Mel, soo cool! about your wedding! and really cool that someone actually KNEW what a rhino was!!!!!! yeah!!!!! oh yeah but wait....your my fellow Canuk!!!!!! hee hee!!!!!!

have a great weekend Everyone!!!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

YEe HAW!!!!!!!!! happy 4th anniversary to US!

Ok so my last studio lighting class was on Tuesday..had to postpone it a night b/c of the hockey game !LOL...

it was awesome!!!!! the instructor basically sat in the corner of his studio and let us have full reign on all his stuff!..he wanted to see what we learned from the week before! IT WAS SO COOL!...he helped us out a few times, but mostly everything was all us. Us meaning me and 3 other is a pro photographer already, 2 of us are Portfolio building..and I have no clue on the 3rd..I think she just really digs Photography! I'm just waiting on the models to hopefully sign a release form so I can use a few pics for my portfolio and show them to you all!...
I absolutley LOVe maternity was so much fun!

WE are heading outta town this weekend, to Celebrate our 4th is the day infact!..and best yet, the inlaws are coming to stay with the kids! HOORAY!!!!!!
Taking the motorohome and the rhino (see to the left incase you dont know what a Rhino is...and Im guessing most of you dont!) and heading off to Saunders, which is close to where we got married!

and now Im are a few of my favorite wedding photos...I wonder if we can sneak back there..and get the same kind of shot? hmmn...maybe I should try that!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

OK here are a few

Dang Morning sickness has been hitting me harsh this time..YUCK!
anyways..I managed to battle thru it last week, and get my first PB shoot done. Here are my favs
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