Friday, September 01, 2006


i got my new music!!!!!!!!!

let me know if you likey...or dont...I LOVE IT

Thursday, August 31, 2006

BAD BAD but BUSY BLogger...

Thirteen Things That I need to do to get Marketing myself better

1. I just got some nice photo business cards printed off..they came from the lab yesterday, so I need to get them cut and start handing them out. I want to aim at giving out like 3 a week...but man, promoting yourself is a hard thing to do..
2. I have my brochures all ready to get to the printers...just haven't had time to stop in there without both kids going insane...Im hoping maybe tomorrow?
3. I need to grab some 'balls' (sorry) and just start telling people about my photography, and that Im good...(again self promotion is a hard thing to do) but I cant just sit on my hiney and wait...KWIM..I need to get the people in my community seeing my stuff..)
4. I have signed up with a really cool email newsletter thing...I only have 5 clients so far, so its not really worth the time I think...I maybe wrong..These 5 clients, could always spread the word....ok..I need to get working on this...newsletter once a month, with upcoming specials, maybe a few examples of latest shoots...need more ideas...
5. Make sure to keep my photo blog up to date..this one is only for my updates of ideas, sales, and teasers for my clients, before I get all their pictures proofed.
6. Keep brainstorming on the mini session idea...need to head into micheals for some prop stuff...
7. I would love to work up the nerve to ask my OB if I could leave a few business cards and a small sample collection of some of my newborn and Maternity photos...but I just cant seem to get the words out of my mouth...or how to bring it up even...( once again..that self promotion)
8. while Im at micheals...I need to check out the xyron machines...I can get them pretty cheap off of ebay...they will work awesome for logo stickers.
9. Stop in at staples and pick up some COOL folder things for my information packages and other things..
10. Contact the 3 clients and get dates set for the fall shoots...ohh I so cant wait for the leaves to change colors....YUMMY!!!!!
11. get working on my photo for my new snaptote...Cant wait to get this on order...I think its gonna be soo cool!..
12 Make storyboards for my last two shoots...I think these will be great little sellers...cuz they are fun!
13...learn how to self promote...and feel proud of it....

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