Friday, July 14, 2006

one pic from ryday

LOL here is my and my the beach..its a self portrait taken with my 50mm lens...and my right arm!...

and for my dear friend Danielle...who asks what a Saskatoon is....

here ya go!
he Saskatoonberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) or Juneberry, is a serviceberry native to the Canadian prairie provinces, Canada's Northwest and Yukon Territories, British Columbia, and parts of Alaska and the northwestern and northcentral United States. It belongs to the rose family. It is a shrub or small tree reaching 4 m tall, densely twiggy with reddish brown twigs. The leaves are oval to often nearly circular, 3-5 cm long, with small teeth on the tip end. Large numbers of white flowers, about 2-3 cm across, appear in early spring while the new leaves are still growing. The small purple berries, actually pomes, ripen in June and July. This large perennial shrub may grow up to 5 meters in height; it is often found in clusters. The name Saskatoon Berry derives from the Cree inanimate noun misâskwatômina

he edible berry has been eaten since time immemorial by Canada's native peoples; the food pemmican was flavoured by serviceberry fruits in combination with dried meats. They are now also often made into several types of foodstuffs, including pies, jams, wines, cider, and beers.

The stems were also made into arrow shafts.

a few quick pics from the other day

NOthing fancy...just trying out my treasure chest that I bought awhile back...figuring it might work really nice for some newborn shoots! please exuse the orange juice stain on his shirt...! LOL!
I forgot to set up my reflector in the first one...hence the shadow on the one side of his least I am getting so I notice these things finally! and I know what to do to make it better! LOL!

NOt sure what to do with the little leather straps that hang down off the top...they are a bit distracting to me, but Im not sure I want to cut them Off KWIM?

ok im off...gotta go shopping and get stuff packed in the motorhome for next week... The kids and I are heading out camping on Sunday..and wont be back til Friday!...yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!

I will bbl and post some pics of yesterday's events!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm thursday 13!!!!!

Thirteen Things I did with My DD today!

1.Hey...first of all its JULY 13th! LOL
2. we dropped of DS so it could be just a mommy and Ry day....I love them...and we need to have them more often...this is the 2nd "ryDay" so far this summer...shame on me..i wanted to do it twice a month. :(
3. We went to the park, and had a blast...she loves the swings...and LOVES to go high...high enough that I am scared for her!
4. We went for a walk downtown, and grabbed a lunch out...and she could pick whatever she wanted to eat....would you belive she picked a veggie plate? LOL!...and a rice krispie square.
5. We got our fingernails of course!
6 We opened a birthday present from Daddy...( he is outta town for a bit) was the Belle Barbie...btw!
7. We went to Aspen Beach and played in the lake...its really its nice and warm!
8. We dug a huge hole and tried to bury Rylee's legs in it!
9 We found a mommy killed it.
10. We picked out the camping spot for next week...its gonna be so much fun! all week! :)
11. We picked some Saskatoon's at Grandpa's house and eat them with ice cream after supper!
12. We snuggled and snuggled before bedtime...and we shared a big apple...for a snack...
13. We read the book " Princess Crystal's Magical Locket" for the hundredth time since last weekend..then She told me Im the BEST MOMMY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

HOW COOL is that!!!!!! we had a great day... i cant wait to do it again...The little girl I spent the day with today, is my most favorite in the whole world!

ps...for you other T13's I still cant figure out that autolinky thing...please bare with me!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Its ry's 3rd birthday

and over n ight she has turned into a grumpy temper tantrumy spoiled rotten little BRAT!...OMG its insane...she is soooooooooooooo testing my patience...she is stalling when going to and out or bed, in and oout....last night it was over an hour....bed at 8:30...sleeping by 10..............

only 23 more days and DH will be back to help!...

Saw my OB today... he is all gung ho for another VBAC...this time I can get an epi !!!!!!!!!! to get to bed early!
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