Friday, August 11, 2006

Here is Austin..!

OK now Austin, is the best manner lil man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting..He is quiet and content, and only fussy a few time in the hours that we were taking his photos... He was 2 weeks old exactly yesterday!

I haven't had much of a chance to go thru his pics yet..infact I have proofed only about 6 of them, I'm off to Calgary today, so I'm not gonna get much done today either...phooey...

anyways..Here are a few to tide you over..and to make me feel better about not getting to these ASAP...Its really hard...I just wanna stay home all day and proof them all...

The ring shot was fun...but hard to do..this lil guy would not hold his feet still for more than a second...and then the darn rings would have fallen off..or be turned! was alot of laughs trying to get that shot!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My 4th Thursday 13!

Thirteen Things about being a Stay At Home MOM

1. You can stay in your Pj's ALL day if you want!
2. You dont have to brush your hair, if you dont feel like it
3. You sometimes can sleep in!
4. But then again sometimes, your up early, and up for the day!
5. You get to experience the Joy of raising your kids full time!
6. Your kids drive you crazy every single least once or twice!
7. You can not have a shower, if you dont feel like it!
8. Your kids are guaranteed to make you laugh, smile and maybe even cry all in one day!
9. Staying home all the time is much more difficult than working.
10. Your house will not always be clean because you are home all the time.
11.Being at home all the time will occasionally get boring, frustrating and stressful - sometimes all at the same time.
12. You learn all the words to Dora, Barney, BLue's Clues, the Backyardigans...which is a good thing...and a bad thing!

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Just wondering if you could all send a dear friend of mine some good vibes, Im not going to mention her name, but she is like my second mother..and she just found out that she has a cancerous lump in her breast. She appears so far to be handling it well, but this woman is the helper in EVERYONE'S I know this is gonna be hard for her in so many ways..most of all she is NOT used to asking for, or needing some help. She is the strongest person I know, and she has been my idol for years, fit as a fiddle, very active in her childrens lives (and mine too for that matter, they joke about me being the other daughter!)She is my complete role model for a mother, and for a mature woman. I am totally devastated...I cant imagine how she must heart breaks for her..any spare thoughts and prayers, would be greatly appreicated...Thank you!

Not much time for anything else at the moment...packing to head into town for another newborn Evan this time! cant wait...Got lots going on for next week, u/s appt, new hair do! LMAO..and another dr appointment...hoping to get an engagement shoot in this of my other good friends...but looks like it might just be us's a hint, 2 blondes, one horse and a field of COOL will that be???DANG IT me! LMAO!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Day 3 of Emma... last set

still no word from Momma yet...It is the long weekend here in Im gonna use that for an excuse..LMAO! I was thinking this might be the last set....but I still have a few more favs..for Tomorrow! thanx for looking!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Next round of Baby emma

OK here goes the next round of my favs of Emma, still havent heard back from the mom yet... not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing...ACK!
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