Friday, June 30, 2006

Here you go!

bit early cuz Im gonna be busy sure to check the other blogs I linked to for some more freebies!

OK here is the link to the Canada Day Word art..made by lil ole Me! I have no many people will want there are 2 links... Im outta town all if they expire...which Im sure they wont..., but incase they do, leave me a comment..and i will get you a new one when I get back ON monday night..
link #1
and link #2

for more links to more Canada Day freebies...check out Kristin CB's blog here

and then try Jen Wilson's blog here
They will have more links on their blogs too!

Celebrate Canada Day

YEah Fellow Canuks...
come back here tomorrow and grab this... 3 little Canadian Word Arts for you to enjoy!

plus I will leave you some hints for some more Canadian Made Canada Day freebies to find for this weekend... hint... Kristin CB, and Jen Wilson are helping out too!

OK today is chopper pic day!!!!

Ok well here they are...Woke up on the Sunday and Dh said to me...I have a surprise for you. Jumped in the motorhome and drove down the road about 5 minutes..and stopped at the heli skiing place. YIPPEE!!!!!
bit of history on this... when we got married DH chartered a helicopter and flew his groomsmen on a 1 hour trip, then got the chopper to land at the church. Let me tell you they sure made a scene! Anyways, since his groomsmen got such special treatment, and I got the bum deal...he promised to take me up another time!...well this was the time!
Well Having lived in the Rockies all my life..I know that they are simply amazing. HOWEVER seeing them from a helicopter adds a whole new realm to things. Its Sad that photos arent 3D..because they do truly not give the justice or re create the AWE that we saw! We gt up to about 10,000 feet, flew over a few glaciers, and there were a few times that all i could see for a full 360 degrees were mountains! It was insanely beautiful! This is a little glacier fed lake that they fly in heli fishers starting in Mid July.

The red in that one mountain is actually rust..for some strange reason its the only mountain around with such high iron content that it is actually rusting!

Thats the Cline is one of the many glacier fed rivers that runs back into Abraham Lake. The water in that river is a whopping 2-4C and is estimated to be only 2-5 hours old. Meaning it melted off the glacier only a few hours ago! brrrrrrrrrr
well thats about it for my pics from Nordegg... I have more ( a pile) but these are the best ones! Hope you enjoyed seeing what Alberta looks like!
Have a great weekend...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

few more Photos!

Ok todays pics are of the blue grass festival...

mostly band pics.. I will try to remember who they were and where they were from!

Our favorite band by Far was Prairie Flyer...from Washington...they were so good infact I didnt even go down to take any pics! LOL!

The photo was the first band we listened to..they are called Canadian White Water.
These guys were crazy...the younger guy played like 5 different instruments..and was amazing on them all...they had super stage presence too. the best was him on the banjo...simply amazing..there is no other word to describe it...

Photo of DH sitting back relaxing! and enjoying the music..this was after we woke up from a 2 hour nap in the early afternoon...heh heh...havent done that forever! sure felt good!

This is the owner of the resort... I cant tell if those are happy thoughts...or worrysome thoughts! I think honestly it was happy thoughts..they estimated for the BBQ supper on Saturday night that they fed just over 500 people!
Double from the previous year!

The headliner band was from Toronto...they were the Foggy Hog Town Boys...good music...Zero for stage they sucked..LOL! the guy on the right...never smiled once...until he left the stage... YUCK!

ok and here is my attempt at recreating the wedding photo... the first one is a LO is did with the image from the pro photograper... Linda Dubois, from Rocky Mountain House. Now I knew that she did some Photoshop work on the image, but it wasnt until I tred to copy it that I realized how much she did...she must have shrunk down the mountains in the background in order to get the tops and some sky...b/c no matter what angle I tried..they were just to high!... I had us posed over on the other side of that photo..but that dang tree would have been dead center in the picture..and I just didn't like that one bit!

Tomorrow...the Chopper pics...wait..I hope I didnt say I would use them today..sorry!

OK and my blog prompt for today... exercise...LOL what is that...
I used to be very active...well planned excerise...before kids, I was a go the gym 4 days a week kinda girl...then when I had Ry...I bought a treadmill thinking I could still get some exercise done at home..which I did...used it lots...then i got pg with Jackson...sold the the 2 of them keep me busy enough..i cant imagine having the time to do a routine and scheduled exercise...I call mine mommicize! LOL!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

took way to many photos...

Im gonna split them up over a few days...

The first few of Abraham Lake..its 32 miles long..and rises and falls dramatically depending on the time of year. Right now its really low because the glaciers have just started to August it will be like 15 feet higher! thats alot of water! There is also a huge DAM on the east end of this Lake..called the Bighorn Dam...gates were all open when we drove by at this time. I should try to go back in the fall when its all would be amazed at how much different it looks!

The weekend was great...we just packed up and headed West, not really knowing where we were going to end up. And I ended up not doing ANY cooking...well I made a few sandwiches for the trip out on Friday night..but that was it...NOTHING ELSE!.

This photo is of the David Thompson Resort. This is a campground/hotel in the middle of nowhere..they have phone, but all the power and heat is all done on site..CRAZY!... Their Logo is upsidedown trees that they have "replanted". you will find lots of this stlye of decoration all over this place.! This is where we had a wedding was really nice to head back again..but this time WAY less stress.

We got there and we were pleasantly surprised to see a bluegrass festival on for the whole weekend..Im not much of a fan of bluegrass..but it was cool to listen to the music and listen to the stories the music told! Got lots of photos of the them for another day!

We went for a little hike down from the campground a bit closer to the bottom of Abraham Lake..and it was way harder on the way old geezers had to stop half way up...I faked like I was really interested in this brown eyed susan..and stopped to take some pics...There were people right behind us... and we couldnt let them think we were that out of shape! LOL!...anyays ended up with a decent photo! Got back to the motorhome and we both had a 2 hour nap! LOL!..did I mention that this was my first time away from the kids for more than 12 hours in over 16 months??? way way way too long... I forgot how fun it is to just have me and DH...not that I dont think the kids are fun...its just good to remember what life was like before them too!

okay toodles for today...stay tuned for more pics tomorrow! these ones will be Rocky Mountain pics!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

a few more LO's :D

OK so I was on a roll yesterday! Im so glad to get my scrappin' Mojo back! and its a good thing too, Cuz I have been a bad CT member.

Got some news on that front too, I thought about life hard and long, and decided to resign from my CT duties at Elemental Scraps. With 5 designers there, I just couldn't keep up. Especially with this nasty morning sickness hanging around. Which is ulitmately a good thing, b/c I am also proud to announce that I have been accepted into Amanda Rockwell's Exclusive Sweet Shoppe Cupcake CT team! HORRAY!!
For those of you who dont know yet, Amanda has joined the Sweet Shoppe Designs team! Im so excited for her I am Positive that her designs will fit in there just perfectly!
Anyone else have a hard time scrappin more than 2 photos...this LO actually amazed me, I started off thinking it HAD TO be a 2 pager...and let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to get all 6 photos on one page! I think it turned out really well!

(credits to Amanda Rockwell's Summer Girls kits, both #1 and #2, Angela Spangler's Scotch Tape! thanx Lady! Fonts are Brandywine, Abberation, 1942 report, 2 peas snickerdoodle, 2 peas fairy princess, Bickely Script)

Back to my normal typical LO for this one...I knew right away I wanted to use a b/w photo for this kit.. The colors in this one are eyecatching...the reds...are to DYE FOR! If your a red lover..this Kit is totally for you!

(credits to Kristin CB's Cherry Cheesecake Kit, available at TDC. Lalupche's frame brushes, sweet brush from DSP, font is appendix3)

Managed to start going thru some of the photos from the weekend..I was a goof and forgot to bring a copy of the image I wanted to try to its really kinda the same, but the angles are totally off..major bummer...We had a great weekend however, we did end up at the location we got married at, and there happened to be a blue grass festival going that was kinda neat..we aren;t major bluegrass fans, but it was still fun to listen to some great music while camping! on Sunday DH surprised me with a quick 30 minute helicopter tour over the Rockies...let me tell you that is the ONLY way to truly appreciate them! WOW... I hope to get some pics up in the next few days...gotta say I LOVE living in Alberta...all that scenery just 2 hours from my house!

ok toodles!

Monday, June 26, 2006

finally a new LO!

ok its been about 3 weeks...since I scrapped...I was scared I was going to forget how...

I whipped up this between bouts of m/s and chatting with Amanda...before she heads outta town!

Im kinda excited..within like 5 miontues of posting it at SBB Shabby Miss Jenn replied to it!...whoohoooooooo...thats 2 of my LO's there she has replied to...LOL I know..silly...but still cool IMO!

(credits go to Amanda Rockwell's Kirsty Kit, available at ES. The font is Artistamp i love that font!)

and toanswer my Monday blog promp...
I truly have no reasons I named my children like I did...I just really liked the sound of their names together...with my son he did get DH's middle name...if this baby is a girl..I will use my late mothers first name Irene..for a middle name..that is if I can come up with a nice sounding name to go with Irene...we really struggled with this the first time around! any ideas?
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