Saturday, April 01, 2006

Chinese Lanterns

now by far, I am not even the least little bit an expert...heck Im still learning with them, but I have had several comments on them, like YOUR NOT USING THOSE DECORATIVE PAPERS LIGHTS? are you.. and quite a few emails regarding how I am using them, I will try really hard this week to take some good pics of how I am using them ( yes, those big paper ball lights) and I will include as much detail as I can! I really am getting to like itmore and more each time I use it! I bought 2, but I have only had the need to use one so far. OK I will keep you updated!

Fingerpaint Friday! These are from my 2 1/2 year old DD..The first one, in case you cant tell is mommy's yukon! LOL

Thursday, March 30, 2006


YIPPEE! Have I mentioned how much I cant wait for SPRING yet?


forgot to credit Lori Barnhurst for the Colorful Childhood Paper pack..
I cant edit my first post, it messes up the code for the video!

Phoenix Zoo

Our Last day on holidays we spent at the Phoenix Zoo. I was pretty excited to check out the zoo, i had done a bit of research before we left to see what things we needed to see and do, and the Phoenix Zoo was one of them. We had lots of fun, and it was super warm( nicest day while we were there) We spent all day there, then headed off to the airport!
We climbed in the cool treehouse, milked a cow, laughed at the monkeys, walked and walked and walked. Got a flat tire on the stroller, walked some more. BTW...Albertan's....just in case you ever go the Phoenix... our own Calgary Zoo KICKS PHOENIX'S ASS! LOL
Mommy gave away the left over laundry detergent to a family in the parking lot! ( LOL, it was just about full, and I hate to waste). The trip back was way better than the trip to Phoenix, kids were tired, lines ups were SHORT, PHEW...we didnt get home until 3:30 sleepy...
(credit to Lori Barnhurst of Scrapsy Daisy, This is her ColorfulChildhood papers)

This is for bloggin at TDC. My fav song of ALL time...hmmnn...really hard to pick just one... Im going to have to say....I cant do it.. It changes every week... LOL COP OUT. I do love George Strait... so im gonna pick......

ahahah tricked this vid..isnt as good as the original song...but son is dancing to this!. hahahah Im grooving !

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Self Portrait day ! its time I get some pics of me and my children. Here they first go with using the timer. All these were done with the chinese Lanterns again.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Not much new going on here

Been working on my Holiday to AZ LO's. Im finding it really hard to scrap holidays...just too many pictures, KWIM..anyways here are 3 I got done today.
This one is the morning we left..phew..way way to early...We packed with us...2 car seats, one double jogging stroller, plus a suitcase for each one of us, plus 2 carry on's and mommy's camera bag. TOO MUCH TO TOTE around an airport, thank god for gate to gate stroller service! (Credits to Lauren Grier's Grayson Kit, available at Elemental Scraps)

2nd LO is when we did a road trip down to Tucson. We stopped at the PIMA Air and Space Museum, which apparently is only 15 minutes EAST of Amanda's abode!
We trapsed around there, checking out some huge ass planes, and helicopters, and jumped in JFK's old plane. Then we went thru a security screening and jumped on board a bus tour of the AFB storage yard. NOW THAT was much stuff...(Credits again to Lauren Grier's Grayson Kit)

#3 LO...self explanatory... CANADIANS that travel to Arizona in the winter are FREAKS. It was nice and warm, and since we cant swim never...we LOVED having the pool so close! So yup, we swam every single day we were there! (Credits to Jennifer Layden of SouthPaw Designs, This is her Kit Hip2BSquare, you can find her stuff also at Elemental Scraps)
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