Saturday, July 29, 2006

Can I ask everyone a favour?

Dean is doing his flight exam today...he does the oral this AM..then the flight test later this afternoon...Please say a few goodluck prayers to him!...thanx a pile!!!

Im addicted to that dang song.....its cuz I love ABBA, as Im typing this..Jackson is dancing right be side me!!! LMAO!!!!

oh hey! Kristin CB has found herself a new and permanent home! Go check out her new fancy schmancy blog! And I think she has a freebie on there too!...

Have a great weekend ladies.!!!!!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

OK here's the results of one day of retail Therapy!

First of all I wanted to say a "HI" to Shannon and to Alyx...some new blog readers!! Its such a fun thing to 'meet' new people! and Yes Alyx..I promise I will work on drinking more water... I used to be really good at it when I was working...but being at home...I tend to just get lazy about it! is what I drug home with me...these are all Jax's.. I think he shold be covered for this fall and winter...and even some of next summer too...with the exception of some winter boots! got some gap clothes ( on sale) and then most of the rest is from the children's place.
I got most of the summer clothes for next year from the local superstore...gotta love them sometimes..the green plaid shirt and denim shorts..were 4.94 together...:D

this is Rylee's shirt from GYmboree, quite a bunch from the childrens place...then the rest from superstore.. 2 fav outfits in there..the green pants, with yellow shirt, hair bandana and green tulip purse...and then the denim skirt with striped ribbing, the yellow shirt above it, and the pink and green down vest with detachable fake fur collar... When I walked into Gymboree there were these boots calling Ry's took all I had to walk out of the store without them... but 60 bucks for kids boots....I just couldnt do it...maybe if they had been lined..and she could have used them all winter...but unfortunately not here in Alberta! LMAO! and then

here is what I got for me... 4 tanks for old navy and one pair of the comfiest Mat pants EVER..Im not big enough to be in mat pants yet..but I wore these around the house the other night..and Im gonna head back into town today to see if I can pick up a green pair also...I think I may wear these babies forever... I have always wanted some Camo pants...and I love how these fit in the legs and the butt..they SOO dont look or feel like mat pants!

One final of my mamma's from SK ordered one of these. when her shipment arrived there were guess who is gonna grab it off of her? yup me! Im so pumped...the first thing I have bought for the new baby... poor thing is gonna have lots of hand me downs from bro and I figured why not!.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Squeaky shoes!!!!!!!

OK I got tagged

By Mel... And here is my challenge... 100 things about me! im gonna roll this into my T13 week #3!!!!!...way more than 13 things about me...but thats ok!

ok I tag... Petra, and Cat and Theresa!
girls be sure to come back and link the post from your blog k??!

Thirteen Things about ME!
phew ready...
  1. I have 2 kids
  2. I'm 16 weeks pg with #3
  3. I live in Alberta, Canada
  4. I wear fake nails all the time.
  5. I dye my hair
  6. I wax my eyebrows
  7. I am too lazy to wax my legs so I shave them
  8. I'm scared to death of waxing my armpits or my "U know what"
  9. I'm a SAHM
  10. I drive a 92 Yukon and I love it
  11. I have 6 horses
  12. 2 dogs
  13. we have lost about 15 cats since we moved here...Either the coyotes get them, or they run away I don't know LOL!
  14. I hate whinny KIDS
  15. I try not to yell at my children...But it happens sometimes
  16. I do not condone spanking...But sometimes an attention getting swat is necessary
  17. I love tiger ice cream
  18. I have to inject my stomach every day until 6 weeks PP with blood thinners
  19. I had a blood clot at 9 weeks pg with jackson
  20. I am really allergic to animals ( yes, including horses)
  21. When I'm Pg or breastfeeding my allergies disappear.
  22. I love my camera
  23. I married my best friend
  24. I spend too much time on the computer
  25. My eyes have started to go really bad in the past 3 my first set of contacts just before I found out I was pg.
  26. When my eyes are done changing...I'm all over the laser surgery!
  27. I love my girls from SheKnows...they rock and give me great encouragement, and great inspiration.
  28. I *try* to take some photographs every few days
  29. I started portfolio building in July.
  30. I have 2 family shoots and one new born shoot coming up in the next few weeks.
  31. I'm 5'4"
  32. Right now I weigh 125 lbs
  33. I don't drink enough water.
  34. I forget to take my prenatals...they make me ill this pg...yuck
  35. I am proud of what my old woman's message board has grown to be! W2W of course!
  36. I'm struggling at #36...of 100 to do..ack
  37. I hate double standards
  38. I hate back stabbers
  39. I hate fake people( you know the kind..that are nice to your face...but its so nice that its sickening!)
  40. My house isnt ever as tidy as I would like it to be.
  41. I hate bees
  42. I had a bee fly in my ear when I was I was scared to death of them for years...
  43. I shoved a jelly bean up my nose when I was a kid.
  44. I love to have bubbly baths
  45. I love sandals
  46. I love to digiscrap.
  47. I am a good speller, but a lazy typer.
  48. We had a house fire in 2003, when I was 6 months pg with Rylee
  49. I lived in a 20 foot holiday trailer for 7 months that year.
  50. I had a c section b/c Rylee was breech
  51. I had a VBAC with Jackson
  52. I'm hoping for another VBAC with this one
  53. I like my OB..he is goofy!
  54. I am goofy
  55. I am cheesy...( so is my DH)
  56. I love CHEESE
  57. I love the movie "the Princess Bride"
  58. I dont listen to much music other than kids stuff...can't wait for that to change!
  59. I live in a 2200 sqft modular home
  60. I painted the while house myself, well and my dad helped
  61. My mother passed away when I was 4
  62. I was raised by my dad, who rocked..and even learned how to french braid!
  63. I used to drive a 2002 Dodge 1 ton Dually 4x4 truck
  64. I miss my big red truck
  65. I want another big red truck ( so does Rylee, we will be in town and she will say lets go buy another big red truck momma! LMAO!)
  66. I dont floss my teeth as much as I should
  67. I used to work as a molecular biology research technician for our provincal government.
  68. Miss the fancy title...miss the people..only kinda miss the job.
  69. I could eat grilled cheese sandwiches forever
  70. I love Chunky's chicken corn chowder soup
  71. I wonder why we dont have an Olive Garden Restaurant in my town
  72. I wish we had a Target too
  73. Heck I wish Canada had a Target!
  74. I love to travel to the US!
  75. My new favorite font is 2peas Melissa...its kinda like my writing!
  76. I love being on Kristin CB's CT team..I'd better add Amanda Rockwells and Lauren Grier's also!. LMAO
  77. I cringe at all the really pg women I see...b/c I know that I'm gonna be that way one more time!
  78. I have some great friends that have babies the same age as mine... met them all from online due in communities!
  79. I love looking at other people's photos
  80. I hate people who are dont have to be the best at everything..just pick one thing..and do it well..quit having to be the best at it all...
  81. I will have just turned 35 when this baby comes
  82. My favorite Scrapping place is The DigiChick
  83. I love Macaroni and Cheese
  84. I have a momma's boy, and I love it
  85. I am afraid of ledges and bridges...I hate driving over them...must have been something from a previous life! LOL!
  86. I am not finding out the sex of this baby
  87. My wedding day was the funnest day of my life so far
  88. I can't wait to meet Petra (that's PEE-tra btw) and Jeannie in real life that is!
  89. I am basically an only child.
  90. I have 2 older sisters and 1 older brother ( my father was married before my mother). My closest sibling is just about 20 years older than me
  91. I have a secret...Still working on it...but soon..really soon I will tell you all
  92. I made my DH's website.
  93. I love Hello...since getting it I rarely use Yahoo anymore
  94. I had funky hair as a teenager...shaved in the back,and bleached blonde BIG bangs in the front, even shaved my basketball number into the back of my head! LMAO!
  95. I rolled my Honda Civic in grade 11...scary thing
  96. I love to camp
  97. I miss riding my reining horse...sigh...maybe next year... but who am I kidding?? I'm going to have 3 kids next year! ACK!
  98. I live on 20 acres, about 15 minutes from town
  99. I hate to clean the tiolets
  100. I love my laminate flooring, and my Swiffer sweep and Vac

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oh yeah...and for those that are nagging me...

now leave me alone for a few weeks OK? LMAO!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Hump Day!

well Im off to Calgary to do a bit of retail therapy without the kids today!...YIPEE!!!!
Here are the pics from the other day at the park, nothing fancy...but at least I dug my camera out again...oh yeah..btw I got a secret.....its not quite ready yet...but I will keep ya posted!!!!muahahahahah yup Im a big teaser...sorry! well..Im not really sorry... LMAO!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 pal Stefanie...

I dont talk about Stefanie much...she is one of the proud new admin at women2women....Now Stefanie...she is a do it all kinda lady...she has a houseful of kids...and she runs a message board...with like 100 women on it daily...PLUS...SHE IS A CLEAN FREAK!!!!

So I happened to by on W2W today..and she pages me ...saying she's doing a 30 minute clean sweep..Am I in?...Im like wth?? you mean like clean my house??... she replies...back with LOL..yes!!!!!! ok so im game... I need to get it cleaned some...MIL is coing tomorrow to watch the kids, while SIL and I head to Calgary to do some retail therapy. NOt that I can do much..I spent just over 325$ on groceries and new clothes for the kids...damn I love late summer...everything is on sale..I think I got ry's next year summer clothes almost all bought...found her some cute lil flip baby blue..SHE LOVES them! Bought Jax the cutest lil shoes...they are navy leather and they squeak...he frickin loves them!!!! Im gonna try to get soem video of him with them on today...if I get it..I will put it up here...its SOOO FUNNY!!! bought him a pile of clothes too, jammies, and t shirts and shorts for next year!

ok back to the 30 minute clean I put the timer on the microwave...and off I go..busy beeing..aorund the house...I am TOTALLY Amazed at what you can get done in 30 minutes...I got ry's room and jax's room tidied and swept up, threw in a load of laundry, loaded and started the dishwasher, cleaned off the kitchen table, vacuumed my one and only rug, swept the entire floor of the whole house...

My and challenge to YOU ALL! get off your butt right NOW...go set the timer for 30 minutes..and go clean your house!...its AMAZING...Im gonna really try to do this once a day...I think...that if I do house will stay clean!!! COULD YOU IMAGINE????????? anyone who reads this...LEAVE NOW....go clean your house for 30 minutes only...... then come back and tell me what you did!...I guarantee will be amazed...30 minutes...thats it!DOUBLE DOG DARE YA!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

We are back!!!!!!

OK so that was the hottest holiday I have ever been on..and I was only 35 minutes from home...Central alberta is in a heat wave right now...we have had hot weather for over 2 getting so tired of it...ok and for my American for us Here in like 30...and we only get a few of those days in the summer....its been over 32 just about every day for 15 days...yesterday was 36...just converted that to 97F...bloody hot for us...It rained some last night, and we woke up to an overcast day...but by 2 pm this afternoon it was back up to 31C again....the big difference is that ususally we cool down here at night..down to like 14ish...and it hasnt its crappy in the house..its not getting a chance to cool off, so its just hot all the time...Im sitting here im my undies and a tank...LOL sorry if TMI...its just too dang hot!

The day before I left on holidays I delivered the proofs to the bride...she was THRILLED with them!...HOW COOL IS THAT??? I ended up printing off just over 200 proofs for them to go thru!..LOL have FUN!..muahahahahahah... still waiting on a signed release from them...I cant wait to show you a few....maybe I will call her tomorrow!. LOL!

As far as the photography goes... Im on a bit of a hiatus... Im not usre if it is because of all the editing and proofing I had to do for the wedding pics...or what. but LOL... I am just enjoying life too much right now to always tote that dang camera bag around and try to take pics...imagine..on holidays camping for 6 days...I took like..50 pics MAX...I never ever thought I would do that...but I was just plain having too much fun...

Here are a few from camping....My kids filthy...they have cheezie, freezie, roasted marshmellow, dirt, sunscreen and some sand on their faces....nothing but fun as I see it! They stayed up til they were exhausted...and then we slept in until like 9am, we spent just about every day at the beach in the warm we had a blast!! No mosquitoes, and a pile of laughs! and Ry continues to sleep at night in her panties!...HOORAY!!! NO accidents at all while we were camping...which Im glad about cuz I didnt think about bringing a plastic cover for the bunk! tsk tsk...

Here is Ry on the up side of the sugar rush....gotta love that stare she's got going on there! LMBO!
...and of course the crash following... LMAO!You just gotta love those crashes...I actually cant belieive I got the proof in the camera! happened right before my eyes!...boy did we laugh!

And one of my lil man!...what wild camping hair he has...( he gets it from his should see the SIL hair! LMAO!!!!! I hope she doesnt read this..or she will get me for sure! LOL)

He got to experience a ton of new stuff...what ants taste like...and charcoal...eww...he got some out of the other not used fire pit....and had it in his mouth before I could stop him! swallowing though..he spit it right out...sheesh..can't imagine why!

I am slowly getting them back into their 'normal' routine again...but I guess in real life..that routine is always evolving right?

We ran all over town( well actually 2 towns) trying to find Ry some Crocs...Man are these shoes cool!..they are comfy and light...and best of all she will be able to put them on herself...which is the total reason I'm hunting for them! anyways...found one store that has them for kids..but they are all sold out..but they are supposed to be getting more in any day I need to keep on that!

We went to the park after doing some running around today and I actually brought my camera and took some pics...a few really nice ones I think...I will try to get to editing them tonight..and post them for tomorrow...

Dh is doing super..he has already flown his solo flight, and has been doing 30-45 minutes circuits alone!...He hopes to be doing his flight test on the 1st of say a lil prayer for him!!!!!

OK thats my big update for now... stay tuned for more.. LOL!..oh yeah...and my 3rd year old has been a wonderful little girl this past week!...

OH YESSSSSs while camping jax got two more teeth...we are standing at a grand total of 6 now...LOL..he is just about 16 months old...6 teeth! ROFLMAO! oh well! got some good pics of his new teefy smile today...:D! Take care and thanx for stopping by!
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