Saturday, May 13, 2006

Utter Insanity

Thats whats going on at my house today..
We have 3 guys here preparing the yard to seed it with grass, They came with one big truck, and tractor and a bobcat. Now add to that my husband who dug a huge hole in the yard so we can build a 3 car garage, he is beetling around in our bobcat. Now add to that...2 double trailer gravel trucks, which are hauling sand in ( to fill the hole of course). Thats what my yard looks like today..thank god the kids and I are off to a wedding...LOL

yup...2 bobcats, 1 tractor, 2 gravel trucks and 4 guys... I'm OUTTA Here!

Friday, May 12, 2006

I have been STUNG!


DH brought them home with him last night.... I got them set up and managed to take 5 pics, before the kids got really angry and thats was it. I only used the one with the giant softbox, I figure one light at a time for now!
I cant believe it, Everytime Amanda would show me a photo, I was in awe of the HUGE catchlights and the skintones etc.. I told her every single day that I was inlove with her Bees..
Thank goodness they only took 1 week to get here...amazing..from TN to alberta in a week, the books Im gonna be sending Petra will take longer to get to Ontario than that Im sure...Stupid Canada Post! What fun bees, more metering in it was all trial and error last night til I got it about right! item to purchase will be a light meter...down the road tho...way down the road...once I earn some money from a shoot, and buy a full year membership at the photography forum. LOL

Here's a peek!...IM in love already...

I love lines!

OK I really loved the lines from that wooden I went out hunting for some railroad tracks with a gentle curve in them!..Lookie what I found just by my old home! We headed out for a drive, and I figured I would go down to the tracks by where I grew up. We used to ride out horses along these tracks all the time as kids. Obviously not very many trains on them!
Ry had a HOOT!, she was dancing, and singing, flapping her arms like a bird! It was hard to get her to sit still, even for just a second Thank goodness for high Shutterspeeds!

exif: 1/1000 f4.0 ISO 100

The sun was out pretty full force, there was a slight overcast butnot very much, taken about 12 noon, on our way to the park! Hee hee thats how I bribe her all the time...We can go to the park, but first mommy needs to take your picture for a few minutes OK? She always pipes back in with a high pitched "SURE".

She seems so lost and lonely in this one, I think its my favorite of the day!

the following were all shot with
exif: 1/1250 f4.0 Iso 100

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

couple more LO from the past few days

This is a funny LO...mostly because I had to BEG Rylee to wear it. I was so excited when I made them, I thought for sure she would love them..but NO WAY!....I am actually wearing one also while taking this photo...really peed that I in camera cropped of her feet...but and learn right! And now the darn kid rarely takes it off!
(credits to Faith True's Dream Sequence Kit, available at ES, DDE Spring doodles Freebies, and the font is 1942 report)

This is one of the photo's I took of my niece about 2 weeks after I got my rebel...LOL.. I need to get her and her friend back again, now that I know more! LOL
(credits to KristinCB's Sunny Sunrise kit available at TDC, stitching by ME!, font is Copacetix)

Im off to snoop thru another Kit from Kristin called Fresh Oasis..doesnt the name just sell you itself! Here's a quick preview of it! You can find it at SBE. I just love the colors in this kit... I KNOW I have some perfect photos...somewhere! LOL

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


just for fun I figured I would track the Bees arrival!...LOL
Yup Im a DORK! little bit of backtracking the first day...but they are getting closer! LOL they left Minnesota at 2 am this morning...poor things must be exhausted!

edited to add the bees are in CANADA!!!!!! COME TO MOMMA LIL BEES!!!!

Phew finally!

I have been patiently waiting ALL morning to get updated...
Here's a quick simple LO for my new CT team. I can't wait to get a neat lil blinkie to add to my stash! Anyways Im really diggin Kristin's stuff... her textures in the paper are wonderful and the quality in her elements is AMAZING. (credits for this LO, Kristin CB's Sunny Sunrise Kit, fonts are beyond wonderland and Bickley Script, the kit is available here)

I finished my 2nd round LO for the Ultimate Scrapper contest. IF you are can check it out here.

WARNING**** its not my usual type, I really wanted to stretch my creativity with this one! Let me know what you think!

OH yeas...more stuff... My Alien Bees are enroute..they left Minneapolis (sp?) this morning at 2 I am thinking by MOnday I should have them. My 35mm lens should be arriving in AZ today... so hopefully that can get reshipped back to me, and arrive in the next week or so.. AND... I need to stop spending... I bought a 85mm f1.8 also the other day..its a used one...but its from a good hopefully it will work out good...NO MORE BUYING!!!!!

thats it...cut up my Card PLEASE!

Monday, May 08, 2006

got some great news!

ok..first things first..

#1... Im really proud to announce that I have made KRISTIN CB's CT team! I got 2 of her newest kits

yesterday And I cant wait to get scrappin with them! Im so thrilled... I just love her stuff, Hoping to maybe use one for the next round of Ultimate! Dont you just love her stuff! PLus Im extra proud cuz she's a transplanted Alberta girl! So how fun I get to play with a fellow Canadian's Designs!... I dont think there are that many Canadian Kit designers out there! Did I mention that Kristin ROCKS?! You can get her kits at SBE or at TDC.

#2 I made it thru to round #2 of the Ultimate Scrapper contest! This one is gonna be hard..its an scrap of how we see ourselves thru our own eyes one.. sheesh...tough one. PLus they are cutting 100 more scrappers! Phew really gotta step things up a notch to make it threw this round I think. Today is going to be a thiking day..then I hope to get it all scrapped tonight or tomorrow!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

New pics of Filly!

LOL Heather..notice I called her Filly! thats not her name...poor thing still doesnt have one...we really just need a barn name for lucy or ruby or something, anything other than "filly". We turned momma and filly out into my front paddock, all plank fence.HOw wonderful it is to be able to see them all day, running, grazing and sleeping in the sun!

The color in these is a bit off, she isnt as brownish as she looks there..she is more mousey gray, but I havent figured out how to 'adjust' browns in PS LOL...
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