Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone who pops in to check up on me ( or Cynnder) LOL
I hope you all have a great holiday weekend! Be sure to snap a ton of Photos! Im off to spend some good quality time with my kiddos!

a first for me! I sucumbed to tv marketing..I just bought something off the TV...
LOL I hope it works as well as they say it does! who knows..60 day money back guarantee, so thats good! What they showed on TV was amazing!... I dont have super bad skin, but its getting a bit blotchy here and hey...thought I would try it out! SO I have to wait 2-3 weeks to get it!..LOL

No foal yet, SHEESH....have I said that lately? its GOTTA be getting closer... she woulsnt let me play with her nipples last night... so maybe thats a sign? who knows...her hips have really dropped, so im have heard this before! LOL in the next few days!!

Jeanne and I did some name thinking last night, we came up with one more not bad one..
Midnight Reign (this horse SHOULD be a reining horse) and reign is also princess Cinderella...

SO we narrowed some down, and added a few

Prime Time
Midnight Cynnderella
Midnight Reign

GOsh I need more!...LOL..I have to submit 3 to the registry! and hope to get one!

Here's a few LO's I got done this week

Discovery. (credits to Amanda Rockwell's Family kit, available at DF and ES)
Journalling reads

"Each and Every day Life Amazes you.
You are becoming your own person
with your own likes and dislikes.
I love you for who you are today
and I am excited for what the future holds for you.
I try every day to show you something new in life."

Oh and I made the curve template myslef!...YIPPEE!

the photo I used Amanda Keeys Vintage action on it! I love how it turned out!

Cutie (credits to Jennifer Layden's El Pequeno Nino Kit, also available at ES)

Friday, April 14, 2006


OK so I just got the the chapter in Scott Kelby's book on Curves... Im bad I used to use levels more b/c its just easier...but Man I just walked thru his instructions and CURVES RAWKS.

ok..all credit here to SCOTT KELBY!

open the pic you want to color correct

then open your curves box

you then want to set preferences for the curves, to do this double click on the black eye dropper
then down where the RGB values are you want to enter in 20, 20 and 20 then click ok. This sets the shadows to a neutral dark tone.

Next you double click on the white eye dropper..set the RGB values to 244, 244, 244

then double click on the midtone dropper and set the RGB values to 133,133, 133
click ok, it should ask you if you want to save the new colors as yes. Then this step is done forever.

then you make a new adjustment layer, and choose threshold. Drag the little slider all the way to the left, the image turns completely white, then slowy drag back until you see some black..the first blacks that appear are the darkest points in your image. Click ok
ten go grab your color sampler tool and mark on your now black and white image the first area that turned black. it should leave a little bullseye thingy.

now open the same threshold layer, and take the slider thingy all the way to the right..image does black, then slowly drag it to the left, and where it first changes to the lightest spot, tou will mark this with your color sampler again.

now your image should have 2 little bullseyes things on it, you can go ahead and delete the adjustment layer.

OK..ControlM ( opens the Curves) now pick the black eyedropper (one click) then click in the center of the darkest area bulleye thingy. take the white one and click on the center of the lightest bullseye. then if you have a known midtone click your midtone dropper onto it, and POOF your just about done. what you have done here is correctly adjusted the shadows and highlights in your image.

Last thing to do is to click on the center of the curves grid and drag it upwards a bit to brighten your midtones, this is a visual it til you like it.

your done..remove the color sampler bullseyes by clicking on the options bar and clear.

cool HUH? now I gotta go read some more on the color issue..I like how this removed lots of shadows!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fun in the Sand ! SH ewouldnt go anywhere without her tutu!
exif: ss 1/4000, f 2.8 ISO 200

Bordom ( momma checking out a new place to shoot some pics!)
Exif: ss 1/500 F 2.8 ISO 200

Lil man ( taken with one chinese Lantern)
exif: ss 1/125 f 2.8 ISO grain on this one!

sand tastes ICKY
exif: SS 1/500 f 3.5 ISO 100

exif: SS 1/1600 f 1.8 ISO 100

I was really playing around with settings today..tryint to see how much I could get in focus with what AP at what distance...Im really happy abot the 400 ISO..thats cool for my lil old Rebel!


ok here we go here are some that Im liking
Times a Tickin'
Times a wastin'
Time Traveller
Time Warp
Just in time
Stroke of Midnight
Black Ash of Thyme
Prime Time
Midnight Flame
Time Bomb
Time is up
Minuit (Midnight in french)
Time Flies

they are all quite masculine except for Prime Time..which im really liking..
I can always funk up the spelling a bit..tyme, thyme, or whatever...

come ladies help me out... Keep them coming!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just a quick LO of Jackson

and more importantly I tag... must answer the same question.. "Who Inspires you?" Go check out her blog...she has the cutest DD who is patiently waiting for my baby foal! LOL

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

HOLY CRAP...I've been tagged

BY Lauren Grier!

ok in this round of tag I have to spill all about people that inspire me. This is a tough one for me, I really try to surround myself with people that inspire me each and every day. I have some many different aspirations, so I will pick 2 people, one for every day life, and one for photography.

ok easy one first...
hands down, my photographic inspiration comes from Audrey Woulard. Please go marvel at her website
This woman is outstanding and she even takes the time, and time, and time, to help us little Audrey wanna be's out! She is a super lady, and is a real asset to ILP.

ok tough one. Gonna have to say my father.

My father is my life. When I turned 2 my mother was diagnosed with leukemia, and by the age 3, she was in the hospital around the clock, she did not want me there to see her for fear that I would have bad, or sad memories of her. I have very few memories at all of her. At the age of 4, my mother passed away and my father became a single parent. He learned to french braid my hair, learned all about fingernail polish, makeup and tampons, even Birth control pills. SHEESH the crap I used to put my father threw! EYYEYYY. My father is young at heart, he will be 80 years young this fall and he is still going strong. (which reminds me I should do a photo shoot of my dad). He has taught me to live for the moment, fight for what you believe in, and never ever ever, let anyone take you down, life is just to short for that.

Daddy I love you!

now I gotta go figure out if I'm supposed to tag 1 or two people? LOL...Virgin blog tagger here!

help me name MY foal! baby yet..

here's the deal

in the Arab world its very common to keep some type of the parents names in the offspring name.

example :My Mare's name is Cynnder-ella (her dam was Daniella Bahia(Ellie) and the sire was Set Fire, so the ella came from her mom, and the Cynnder..well it came from cinnders, which come from a fire ( the stud's name) this is the scoop... Cynnderella was bred to a black reining stallion named KA Black Tyme. Good chance that the baby may be black, Cynnders dad was black, and she was bred to a black stud.

the only name we have even thought about is Midnight Cynnderella( b/c of black and time) and well Cynnder's name. Anyways that will only work if its a black filly (girl). So here I you all ! I get 70 people a day peeking here, and I would love it if any of you could help me out. The foal doesnt need to be named right away, but within the 1st month I would hope. At least the registered name, barn names, well they can be whatever... This is my plea to all you creative women.and I know your creative..I see your LO's! LOL.


JUst a quickie today!

Only one LO from late last night... I was feeling all lovey dovey when I made this one!(credits to Rebecca Gold and her Sealed with a kiss Kit, available at ES).

On a side note...I forgot to mention to you that Joedee at ES gave out sweet little GIFT CERTIFICATES at her crop on Saturday night..And not little cheap ones either..$5 worth! I asked her if that was gonna occur regularily and she said..."you never know"
.. So be sure to stop in for some of the fun crops going on at ES!

Hey...what do you think of my new little comment thingy? I snagged it late last night..I thought it was kinda neat...we will see if it gets used..if not..its gone..Vamoouse..LOL.

Off to get some groceries, take the kids to the park, snap some photos hopefully and then grab Rylee and Easter Dress..phew..full day.. CRAP..I gotta mail my taxes too! sheesh...

toodles! be sure to try out my new comment thingy... over in the sidear!

Monday, April 10, 2006


I just bought this kit from its a wonderful kit with an even better cause.

A Charity Kit


Three Australian Designers – Tracy Ann Robinson, Kylie Clark & Trish Jones have joined together to create this kit. Please help us to help our fellow country men!

Strength includes –
19 Papers
2 12x12 Overlays
Word art
Journal Strips
Vellum Overlays
Bottle Caps
And to top it all off there is a 40 piece alpha AND an alpha brush.

Cyclone Larry category 5 hit the town of Innisfail on March 20 2006, devastating the town, and surrounding areas. Larry caused untold millions of dollars worth of damage. They are comparing Larry to Katrina (for those of you who don’t know a cyclone is the same as a hurricane) Weeks after the cyclone hit, clean up is still going on, they now have most of the town with power, however people are still sleeping in the streets, and there is no sewage as yet.

All money raised from this kit (except the hosting fee) will be donated to the victims of Cyclone Larry.

Thank you all for your support.

totally worth the 5.95$ go and pick it up!

Sunday Scrappin!

Well I'm trying my butt off to show you some pics, but once again..Blogger wont upload any. Just about worth paying for a blog service I think... ( LOL.. NOT) But that will have to wait until a later date, much later date...way way more things I need to spend money on first! Like another CF card, I'n not sure If I should get on off of ebay or just go to Costco and grab one, have do to some price checking..if eBay is half price I may try it, but I dunno, Costco can be pretty cheap!
I got 3 Lo's done yesterday, all from my CT team responsibilities at ES, I'm an running a Photography Challenge there this month, that will hopefully help stir some creative juices. The idea came from ILP, its an ABC photo challenge..This weeks challenge is the letters ABC.
On April 15th, I will be posting an AD Inspiration Challenge at ScrapsyDaisy, got my inspirational picked out I just need to scan it in, and get it all ready! I love ad inspirations..They are my favorite!

ok now I can upload the LO's the first one is of pic that I took of DS last fall, it was with my old p&S with a broken LCD, so I had no ability to change anything, other than the amount of zoom, I had always liked photography, but for some reason when I saw this pic, I knew that I had to pursue this love a bit more! (credits to Amanda Rockwell's All boy kit, available at both Digital Freebies, and Elemental Scraps)

#2 is a LO of my first photo shoot with my Nassau blue seamless paper! My Ry looks like she was having a HOOT here! and she WAS! somedays, its more of a struggle to grab her personality, then I usually just stop, but this day she was FULL OF It! (credits to Faith True's kit Sugar Coated Gumdrops, available at Elemental Scraps) And thanx to Val at TDC, this LO has been getting a fair bit of attention over there, much to my surprise and my delight!!

#3 is a LO of my DD and our first Snowman! She loved this guy! We had so much fun building him, many of you have seen the rest of the images from this day, and when I got Rebecca's Snowstorm kit, in my CT list for this month, I knew that I had to scrap them!(credits to Rebecca Gold's Snowstorm kit, available at Elemental Scraps)

Well Im off for the day, hoping to pack up the kids and go snoop around for some locations for the 4 member family shoot today, its just gently overcast...perfect for pics I think!

oh yeah..had a super time on Friday all drunk and silly, really drunk and really silly actually, but MAN was it nice to have the motorhome own bed, no worries about who's gonna stay sober to drive home...LOVED IT..missed the kids of course, for like a millisecond..then was back to the whiskey and coke! LOL..bad momma!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I just got 2 separate phone calls for people wanting be to do some family photos!!!!!!
One is a co worker of my DH ( the secretary actually) and the other is a friend of a friend ( they havent even seen any of my pics!...



sheesh, the first family Im ok with, only 4 of them,
but the 2nd family is 7! how on earth am I gonna make that creative? Im so glad she phoned ahead of time...she wants BIG ONES, she said nothing smaller than 8x10 for sure...and she wants it to be more spring, so THANK GOD I have I few weeks to do some research...she has severl locations picked out...they are both nearby to her home, and are down at a private Im confident that the background will be prefect....but NOW WHAT?? CRAP>..stop panicing... breathe deanna, breathe.....

Im gonna have to do some snooping on ILP....any other suggestions? family#2 doesnt want the typical posed pics...they want fun range from 16 to 1 year...CRAP I gonna call sherryann..she has 4 girls of her own...maybe she will have some ideas...

OMG OMG OMG...gonna go have a pepsi and breathe!
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