Thursday, August 17, 2006

Time for my T 13! I think this is week #5!

Thirteen things I should be doing instead of sittiing here on this dang computer!

1. Having A Shower
2. Doing the Laundry
3. Cleaning the Kitchen
4. Cleaning out the Yukon..yuck..its BAD ( lots of kids junk )
5. Proofing some more Photos
6. Cleaning the office
7. Finishing the business Taxes
8. Sleeping...its still early here..7 AM and if the kids are should I!
9. Finishing my splash page for my website
10. Starting the HTML side of my website
11. Washing the windows...but why bother..within 30 minutes they are full of fingerprints again...well all below the 3 foot level!
12. Sending my business cards to be printed.
13. Making some breakfast....mmmn.... i think french toast maybe this morning!

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Taking the kids to the lake today, so I wont be around much for my t13's...gonna have to check them all out later tonight!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

hee hee..some scrappin news on My end!

Congrats to my Pal Petra....been a while since we have been on the same team!!!!! I cant wait to get to know everyone else!... and to get to play with some of Paula's goodies!...yum yummy!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Monday

Today is a busy day I have my U/S appt at 11, going baby gift shopping for my cousin, and then picking up the kids and going to the park!...YIPPEE!!!!

I got an email from a fellow photographer about shooting with her at a local horse show...kinda sitting on the fence about it...I will let you know what I decide...From being IN horse shows enough I know that its a lot of work, and more proofing..and I'm not sure how much you sell in the end... I have only purchased a few of my photos, and those were only from my big wins...Not from the local horse show...gotta talk with DH and see what he thinks about it.

...I can't wait for more babies....anyone have any? I think..wait I KNOW I'm a baby addict...which makes me feel bad for this poor lil soul in my womb...he/she is gonna get abused by my shutter...

Anyways...Here is more of Austin...Have I mentioned how much of a sweetheart he was?

I also wanted to say congrats to my friend Petra... on her very first maternity shoot!...Go check her blog for some pics!

Lastly for my secret..ahem....
Here it is...LMAO..Like my friend Jeremi said..Its time I come out of the closet with this..ROFLMAO.

I have a website... go peek if you wish, and leave me some comments...

ack..there Its out... SHEESH! I have a few things I need to finish still ..Like the splash page, and the html version, for those who don't have high speed, but other than that I think its about finished...well other than the few empty galleries I have...but that shouldn't last much longer! So now I gotta come up with a plan to get my name out around Red Deer...I have been thinking about hitting up my OB to see if he'd let me leave a little sampler album in his office...but I'm still chicken... so for now I will just continue doing it like I am, mostly friends, and hoping that they spread the word... I think the website should help out some the people they tell can go peek, and see what I can and have done, and that I'm "trying" not to be just some ok photographer...

OK Off to get the kids ready for their day!..Have a great Monday!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday....ah time for rest...LMAO..whatever!

well I heard from Emma's Mommy yesterday, and she is pleased with the photos, she actually found my blog and left me a lil comment..I am going to call her on Monday...I remember how tough life is at first with a toddler and a baby....bigs hugs Momma!

I finished up proofing Austin's shoot last night... Phew..thanx goes to Cat and Kristen..for chatting along with me as I finished them up! I just need to upload the proofs to the album, and I got quite a few more decent ones for my gallery, so thats great. I will start tomorrow posting my favorites of him...and I guess its time to spill the beans.....some of you know already....... but the rest will have to wait until tomorrow! sorry...a bit of a teaser I guess...

Have a great sunday!
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