Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fishy Challenge

Nice big open mouth smooch from her brother! roflmao
Well I couldnt get the storyboard to be as big as I I removed it and Im just gonna post the pics instead...

I didnt notice it before...but he splashed all over my seamless paper! LOL... the splashes on the background get progessivley more and more! hahah This was fun to do! I hope that my Snap Happy Mamas come up with more fun challenges! Thanx Treva!


Its finally Saturday...LOL..but wait..Im a days all blend into 1...
Not up to a whole bunch this weekend, the gals at my Photography board have challenged me to the fishy fishy set up, on the blue I have to get that done today..hopefully Jackson and Rylee will agree!..somehow I dont think DH peering into the fish bowl with his undies..would have quite the same 'feel' to it! hahahaha I will be sure to post pics when I get it done.

Its snowing again here, Im so ready for spring...

Still nothing going on with Cynnder (my reining horse)...she's due April it could be anytime soon. I've moved her to the back paddock, close to the barn. I have the stall all ready and the furnace ready to go also, dont want my foal to freeze its ears off. Im thinking about running to the local Pawn shop to see if they have a wireless video thing, so I dont have to get up a million times a night to check on her. She's not even bagged up right now, so im fairly confident we are still a few weeks away. Rylee is so EXCITED!

With spring around the corner, its time for me to re-evaluate my priorites once again. I cant wait to get the kids outside and have some fun, which means that my puter time will start to dwindle. My goal is to keep up with my scrappin' and my photograhpy or course, so I may be slowing down a bit on the message board thing. Tough to do, they are like habit to me first thing in the AM. SO maybe I will just do the same, but not be on the puter during the day as much...ah. yes..thats my goal. At least I can wait til spring..I can start the weaning process slowly! LOL ok off to make breakfast and set up for the fishy!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to JEANNE!

Just a quick note this AM...wanted to wish my long time momma buddie Jeanne a very happy birthday. I met her way back when we were both pg, sniff sniff..our babies are now both one. Jeanne is one of the kindest, most thoughtful women I know. Im so blessed that she is my friend. ( insert hug smilie here) She was the one who got me addicted to the digital scrappin...tsk tsk tsk..

Jeanne and I have a special bond...we have children the same age, she understands me, she loves my sarcastic humor ( i think), she is a goof just like me...enjoys the stupid things in life. She has a beautiful daughter whom I can't wait to meet one day soon. Our children will be best of friends I just know it! The only thing I iwsh for is that she was closer than the 2165.80 miles that she is... according to map quest a 34 hours, 35 minutes driving trip!

SO for any of you that Know her..please send her off a birthday wish!


Here's a Page I did of me at 3 years old. I'm hoping my MIL can sew up a similar dress, and I can put Rylee in it, and attempt the same picture. I used a super kit of Amanda Rockwell's called Family (available at Elemental Scraps).

Thursday, March 09, 2006

tutus, sunglasses and a snowman

Rylee's first snowman!

Here are a few I snapped while outside with Rylee yesterday. It was so warm.! I thought for sure they wouldnt turn out. Itw as so bright, and with the snow..well I figured i would blow them out. What a pleasant suprise I had when I opened them up!..I had to duplicate a layer twice with a bit of screen, because Rylee's face was underexposed..and thats about it!..most of them I did nothing to!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

One more week of College classes

Im so sad...partly because its over..and partly because I really enjoyed getting out of my house for 4 hours once a week WITHOUT KIDS...that Im REALLY gonna miss. All in all its been well worth the money I paid for the course. I have signed up for the studio lighting courses he offers as well as the digital image editing courses. They dont start til May...:(.

SO what did we learn last night? Well it was all about visual design and how to think more creativley when searching for the Perfect Image...if that even exists! We talked about when go to to take your picture...set up take it..then also take the same pics from a few different angles, and also turn around 360 degrees..and really look at everything else around case your missing the real picture! Well Im off to play with the kids...and hopefully snap a few pics while Im at it!

Monday, March 06, 2006


I was just diggin thru my folders of images..and I can across these, they are from January, I had my camera for a month about... my son is proudly showing of his new two teefies.. Gotta love those 2 lower teefs! Most likey only an image that mommies hey! guess what..thats what I am!

I was playing with Back Button Focus on these...and I really liked how they turned out...I havent taken my camera off the BBF for a long time...maybe its time I try the good ole way again...Im so loving manual...its the only way to really REALLY learn your camera inside and far from there yet....but im on the right road at least! Off to try to scrap a few layouts today!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Here are a two of my favorites

This is my dd...i just got my 50 mm f1.8 lens and was playing around in some not too bad natural light...(as you can see her ears are out of focus, so I had yet to learn the importance of aperture and DOF). too bad..its a cute pic.. sniff sniff

This is one I snapped during my sons 1st birthday party....he made me wait for 35 minutes for him to get this messy...and that was it...SOOOO let down! lol It was all great fun..lots of blue icing EVERYWHERE!

34 and back in College

So in the end of January I signed up for an 8 week college course studying "THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY". With only 2 weeks has been the best thing ever for me, and for my photography. The first few weeks were kinda drab, we have about half of our class with digi cams, so the instructor had to spend lots of time going over what the Point and shoots can and cannot do.

i have been slacking

yup I will be the first to admit it.... way way behind... but luckily my good friend Amanda mentioned a blog, and that got me to thinking.. its time to get doing this again...Its been over a year, since i have done much of anything on this at all...tsk tsk tsk

Bear with me for a few days..gonna tweak this some more...some of the fonts arent quite right...and im not too sure on the blue background?...A friend of mine created a tagline for me...Capturing the Colors of Life..mostly b/c I love to shoot with brilliant im thinking I want this to emulate that...
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