Saturday, May 20, 2006

Few Lo's...sheesh I cant keep up!

Trying to play catch up and finish my huge list of "to Scrap" photos...So bear with me!

Ok #1. Simple...Christmas with both the Grandpa's and one of me and Jackson. Dh snapped the big one! Even on Auto I love the rebel XT! LOL

(credits to Amanda Rockwell's Christmas Dreams kit, available at ES, I made the little string, and the Alpha is from house of Limes, Its a girls world kit)

#2 this is a funny one..I was trying to play with perception, and R was tucked right under me when I snapped it...These are (were) our favorite tights...Sadly...They are too small...I am on the hunt for more fun tights...Anyone have any secret tight places??(credits to Kristin CB's Life and Beauty kit, Available at SBE. I love this kit, the colors are AMAZING. Fonts are AL charisma, caligula dodgy, carolinga, carpenter, and feena casual)

#3 I got this great idea from Treva to try my old grapewreaths to make a nest...Looks neat...Kids don't like it much! LOL..This was an attempt for some Easter photos...I like the expression on her face..But that's about it. (credits to Kristin Cb's fresh Linens kit, available at SBE. Font is angleterre book)

last but not least A photo I took ALONG time ago..This was taken way back with my Canon P& Im November 2005 ish. Its been sitting in the to scrap folder long enough. I fiddled with some of my custom made curve templates, then actually got bored with it, so I mess with some blending...and then left it alone. (credits to Lauren Grier's Shining Star Kit, Christine Smiths lightly inked edges, font is 2 peas GlitterGirl)

Friday, May 19, 2006

here's the view

From my back door! Click on it to see it bigger! Im soo loving this! I cant wait to get to play on it! OOH and I just checked with UPS...DH has my 85mm lens!!!!!!!!! yippee!!!!!!!!!!

hmmn... Some news

kinda tried to keep it quiet...But heck we already told the family...So my Cyber friends and others I don't talk to super often...There ya go...More KIDS!

EDD is Jan 14th, 07

Feeling good so far, no m/s, not tired...Not crampy...Liking this so far.

Bad note, well not bad...but crappy. I will be starting the injections again any day now :((.

For those of you who didn't know me with my last pg. I got a blood clot in my leg at 9 weeks, because of that I had to go daily injections of blood thinners to remove that one, and prevent any others from forming. They told me it was a rare pg anomaly, but who knows. So with this one it is mandatory that I go on them again, just as a precaution. MAJOR BUMMER but in the end..a healthy baby is all that is really important. If I can do it once, I can do it a second time. Im actually kinda surprised I havent heard back from my dr yet...I'd better call her again today. My poor belly....its SOOOO not looking forward to the injections.. Last time for the first few months I really bruised quite a bit..hoping that wont happen as much second time around. (not sure how easy bruising is to PS out of photos! lol)
I feel sad for this poor child already...sheesh..momma is planning some maternity shoots , and yippee..some newborns ones too...poor thing...oh well , at least he/she wont be scared of the camera! LOL

Sod guys got jipped 1 pallette worth of sod yesterday so they are coming back today to finish the rest Looks SOO NICE...I will take a photo when its all done!

Finally sent my application in to Technicare Im pretty excited about that...So hopefully I will be all set up for Professional Printing in the next few days! Gonna call family #1 and see if we can set up some time next week to do their photos...YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Family #2 I think I want to wait until about the 1-2nd week in June..Just to make sure their location (the one with the bridge) is really nice and green.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

here's what we did today!

man jumping on bed pics are hard...

the SOD is here!

OK..check this out...I have 11 pallettes of sod in my yard! Poor people that do this for a living...They are telling me that this small 4 man crew is gonna get it all laid my tomorrow night! CAN YOU SAY NUTS! plus its gonna be like 30C here today...( hot for may in Alberta)

ok here is what my backyard looks like at 7am this morning! please excuse the grimey windows...I was in my house taking these thru the patio door window...
I will post some progress photos later tonight....yeah! we can finally have R's birthday party at our house!!!!!!!! Filly pics yet...if you look way back there you can see Cynnder tho!...

oh yes...

Official announcement...

Tyme's Up Cynnderella is the name we will be sumbitting to the registry...heres hoping we get it...(pretty sure we will) my best buddy Jeanne thought that one up!

and Rylee has come up with the filly's barn name....

get ready.....

no laughing....

its better than DORA....

its DORY!...LOL from NEMO!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

OK..this is about the funniest thing I have EVER seen!

Be sure to have your sound on!....and think to you watch many times you have done that exact thing! Thanx to Jen...who just sent me this!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My kids and the Bee's Take One!

here we go Take #1 I need to work on the red tinge in her hair a bit..hopefully someone at ILP can help me out with that..but overall IM LOVING these LIGHTS!

YEAH! I made it to round #3

of the UDC challenge... so from 379 entrants, I have made it to the top 100...COOL! I can not post the actual Layout here, until the contest is completely over, but I can give you the link


I would love it if you popped in to take a peek, and if you like what you see, leave me a comment!
I really love how this one turned out...Its told like a children's story and I can't wait to print it off and get it laminated because I know that Rylee will want me to read it to her a million more times!

OK..getting my butt of here til later..I will try to update some more!

Bad habits....

well Let me start off by saying, being a SAHM its REALLY easy to slip into some bad bad habits.
First off...take today...its 10:30 AM and I am still in my pj's, I havent even combed my hair yet, Im embarassed to say that a few days a month I dont EVER get out of my pj's.( hanging my head in shame). Lets see, oh yes...I often forget to eat a real meal, I find myself nibbling up what the kids didnt..tsk tsk..bad nutrition...

Oh wait...My DH's has a bad habit..he sleeps on the far side of the bed, its near the wall. So since I never ever go over to that side of the bed, it NEVER EVER gets cleaned. He leaves ALL his dirty laundry in a heap over there..I am on laundry strike..if that stuff cant make its way to the laundry basket, then I am not doing it. SOme times its weeks! seriously! When Jackson was a baby, he rolled off the bed, and luckily that time DH had a HUGE pile of clothes over there, so he just hit them softly, and rolled under the bed!...

well ok.its just about 11....time to get out of my jammies ( breaking bad habit #1)
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